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Asssessment Tools,selectional Methods And Development Strategies Of Advantageous Industries Of Xinjiang

Posted on:2012-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z T W M E S D E AiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2219330362453536Subject:Chinese Minority economy
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In nowaday's economic society,competition between different sectors is essentially the competition between advantageous industries.advantageous industry theory is actually the optimization and a vital compelement of the comparative theory in the international trade field. curently some regions in our country are trying to implement a pertinant policy on the basis of dominant or pillar industry theory,even some regions blindly applying the western country's theory,merely considering the ratio that each industry accounts for in the GDP,using the inter-industrial relationship as a basis of assessment,rarely taking the resources and regional advantages into account. thus leading to the similarity and resembalance between different industries In the country. in the process of selecting an advantageous indutry,Xinjiang also faces the problem of constructing a closely related or similar industry with other regions in our country,such similarity between different industries not only will cause an economic loss to a region,but also leads a country to the re-construction of key industries in a specific region. This will lead to a serious consequences such as the repetition of construction,the excessive waste of resources and the vicious competition in the same regional industries and between the related products. This thesis proposes that each region should consider its respective advantages in natural resources and differences in the cost and efficiency of production in order to select the advantageous industries as the main goal of development in that region.In this thesis,the author mainly proposes a method of advantageous Industry choice theory based on the special conditions of Xinjiang area by way of refering to the domestic and foreign existing advantageous industry choices theory, the qualitative and the quantitative analysis,and the policy design,then applies this method to the Xinjiang region and selects the advantageous industries of Xinjiang region. Finally,the author puts forwards the specific measures to develop the advantageous industries of xinjiang.
Keywords/Search Tags:Advantageous industries, Evaluation, Competetive edge, Industry cluster
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