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A Study On Conflict Management Of Corporate Organizatons

Posted on:2011-04-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119360302992530Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In recent years, with the prevalence of the term,"harmony", the relationship between conflict and harmony as well as what harmony really is has been the focus of people's concern and discussion. Chinese petroleum companies started restructuring in 1999. After ten years'reform, the interest contention and dispute of different groups of the petroleum companies has turned from recessive and singularity to explicitness and diversity. The petroleum companies that look superficially calm and quiet are actually full of various conflicts. Therefore, how to correctly analyze, properly guide and effectively dissolve conflicts in the petroleum companies has already been the key to the successful operation of the companies. Based on multi-discipline theories and methods, the paper conducted theoretical analysis and empirical study on the conflicts in the petroleum companies, trying to provide new theoretical perspective and practical guidance for the building of the harmonious oil field of China.The research results of the paper include: (1) Conflicts do exist in the petroleum companies. Hence, it is necessary to introduce conflict management within the petroleum companies. (2) The number and intensity of the conflict that an employee encounters relate to his or her conflict management style. Research findings show that employees'conflict management styles can determine their future working environment. Employees who prefer to adopt cooperative conflict management style would have a better working place with less conflict and stress, while those who prefer competitive and avoiding conflict management styles would face a working environment with more conflict and stress. Therefore, employees can improve their working environment by changing the conflict management styles. Traing and guidance provided to improve employees'conflict management styles can be a brand new mode and method of corporate management. (3) A study on the preference of employees'conflict management style shows that cooperative conflict management style is common in the petroleum companies. The finding shows that after ten years'reform of the petroleum companies, the ideas of the employees have already changed. Although avoiding conflict still exists in the petroleum companies, employees also express their willingness to resolve conflicts through cooperation, which means the impact of traditional Chinese culture on employees is diminishing and avoiding is no longer the only choice for the petroleum company employees. The traditional Chinese culture will not prevent the introducing of cooperative conflict management style in the petroleum company. The research results support Tjosvold and his team's empirical study findings, test their research findings'cultural applicability and universality and enrich the current conflict management theories. (4) Based on the previous empirical study, the paper builds a complete and systematic conflict management system of the petroleum companies and further brings forward the cooperative conflict management model which helps the petroleum companies achieve win-win.
Keywords/Search Tags:Conflict, Petroleum Company, Task Conflict, Relationship Conflict, Conflict Management Style
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