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Research On Measurement Dimension,Influence Factors&Action Mechanism Of Non-profit Organizations Service-Orientation

Posted on:2015-03-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Non-profit organizations satisfy human needs that market and the government cannot satisfy through participation in business activities and services. They all have their own customers, and meeting the demand of customers is the foundation of existence and development of an organization. Some business enterprises also enter the social services field, which intensify the competition in the non-profit filed. As the competition scale expands unceasingly, non-profit organizations face various challenges. There is potential competition not only among non-profit organizations, but also non-profit organizations and profit organizations. Nowadays, non-profit organizations face customers" abandon, reduced member number, increasing organization costs, reduced donations and funding, and many other survival pressure. How to improve their competitiveness, survive and develop in the fierce market competition has became a problem that a non-profit organization must consider earnestly and strive to solve. Increasingly intense competition also makes non-profit organizations constantly improve technology, improve management and continuously innovate so as to provide customers more popular products or services, and can adopt to the market. Therefore, with the position promotion of non-profit organizations, the expansion of market demand and the intense competition among non-profit organizations, non-profit organizations must enhance their own marketing and service. In the era of service economy, customers have become the most important strategic resources of enterprises. With the rapid development of the individuation of the customer requirements and information, the customer’s choices and the choice power strengthen greatly, and producers-oriented, competition-oriented society gradually transform to the customer-oriented society, which is not only reflected in the business activities of enterprises, but also being increasingly imitated by non-profit organizations. Just as enterprises, how to establish the high-quality service for customers, build good service-oriented non-profit organizations image to improve the performance of non-profit organizations will be a very meaningful task. Service orientation theory in the field of profit organizations has been discussed in this paper.but the research in the field of non-profit organizations is still rare.The reason is that non-profit organizations face more fierce competition,and it need to create a competitive advantage through service activities and marketing activities,but marketing practice of non-profit organization is lagging so that service orientation theory in non-profit organizations is lacking.In order to build a non-profit service-oriented theory system, main research contents of this thesis are as follows:First of all, the service-oriented research of the academia mostly take non-profit organizations as the research background, however, there are few ones specifically for research in the field of non-profit organization. Besides, the connotation of service orientation of non-profit organizations, mechanism and realization methods are relatively indistinct. The core differences between non-profit organizations and profit organizations embodied in capital source and service object.To better engage social service to complete organization mission and aspirations,non-profit organizations need to mobilize all kinds of social resources.Donation,service fees,government subsidies and tax breaks are the main capital source of non-profit organizations,and non-profit organizations consider more social benefits than economic benefits. Morever,the customers of non-profit organizations are more extensive,including more social public,and their service demands and contents are also differences.As a result,the different characteristics of organization lead to the different service orientation behavior of non-profit organizations.In order to speed up Chinese service-oriented non-profit organizations, the contents of non-profit service orientation, the elements of non-profit.service oriented system and the effects of the structure relationship of these factors on the improvement of the non-profit service-oriented ability and other questions should be figured out. Therefore, in this thesis, scientific explanation on the connotations and characteristics of non-profit service-oriented organizations are made; a reasonable non-profit service-oriented system structure is built and effective analysis on the implicit dynamic mechanism is executed.Secondly, in order to fully understand the current situation of non-profit service-oriented behavior practice and existing problems, objectively it is necessary to make clear the elements of non-profit service behavior and evaluation standard of non-profit service oriented behavior. However, at present, academia answers these questions still in the level of qualitative analysis and the theoretical description, which lack of further detailed analysis on service-oriented non-profit organizations from the quantitative aspect. Therefore, based on the related literature of non-profit service-oriented organizations and interview research, this thesis builds a non-profit service-oriented model, develops the measurement scale of non-profit service-orientation, and further carries on the questionnaire survey and empirical analysis by selecting the non-profit organizations in our country. Thirdly, academia has not well solved these problems about the factors in deep level that affect service-oriented behavior of non-profit organizations and the influencing paths. In this thesis, grounded theory approach is applied to carry on exploratory research on the influence factors of the service oriented behavior of non-profit organizations, and the key influencing factors of non-profit service-oriented behavior model is refined. The drive mechanism of service-oriented behavior of non-profit organizations is analyzed from the perspective of multi-factor integration. The different factors and its differences of service-oriented behavior carried out and implemented by non-profit organizations are identified. System operation scheme is provided so as to rise competition advantages for the non-profit organizations through the implementation of the service oriented strategy.Finally, in order to ascertain the effect of non-profit service orientation, this thesis constructs the overall research models of non-profit organization’s service orientation on organization performance mechanism and its sub-research models, and proposes corresponding research hypothesis and theoretical basis. On this basis, this thesis respectively builds and tests service-orientation of non-profit organization from five dimensions by employee attitude and behavior dimension research model, which affect the organization performance and affect organization performance through customer attitudes and behavior dimension of research model, and further empirical analysis of the staff and customer attitudes and behavior variables in the nonprofit organization mediation effect of service orientation affect organizational performance. On empirical research program, this thesis through the literature method, interview method to study related research variables in the model of measuring item is collected, and then through preliminary investigation process to purify the measurement item, finally through a formal investigation to the conceptual model and research hypothesis test and related issues, and the test results are summarized and discussed.The innovation of research and conclusions in the thesis are mainly presented in the following five aspects:(1) Non-profit service-oriented system structure dynamic model is built, and the motivation process and dynamic mechanism of system of non-profit organization service-oriented behavior are identified.(2) Measurement model of the structure of non-profit service-oriented behavior is created, the reliability and validity of model are tested using data collected in the questionnaire and a measurement scale and standard system for profit organization service-oriented behavior are set up (3) Influence factors of non-profit service-oriented behavior are identified based on grounded theory analysis approach, and the corresponding theoretical analysis framework is built(4) The effect model of the non-profit service orientation on organizational performance, is built and tested, and the indirect impact of the non-profit service orientation on organizational performance by employee’s job satisfaction, organizational commitment and organizational citizenship behavior, as well as the indirect impact on organizational performance by the customers’ perception of service quality, relationship quality and customer loyalty are figured out.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-Profit Organizations, Service-oriented, Organization Performance, Grounded Theory Analysis
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