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Study On The Construction Of Thehina Administrative Organization Culture In Transitional Period

Posted on:2015-01-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the context of economic globalization and global governance in theascendant popular historical background, how to make government adapt tothe changing information society, how to provide intellectual support andspiritual protection for administrative reform, how to avoid governmentbureaucracy, corruption, low performance and execution insufficient, enhancepublic resistance, flexibility, responsiveness and innovative government. Theadministrative problems faced by the contemporary world in general.In the Transitional period, China’s government is facing such problems areparticularly prominent. Proposed based on this country’s18scientific reportbuilding functions, structural optimization, clean and efficient, andservice-oriented government is inseparable from the construction of theadministrative building of the organizational culture of the people’s satisfaction"service-oriented government." Administrative organizational culture is theadministrative activities at the micro level deep hierarchy, is the administrativeand cultural conditions inside the system is the mental model of administrativeorganization and DNA, is the administrative activities at the micro level"software." Administrative organizational culture can also be converted to thebasic principles of administrative culture and values micro-level specification,and allows the construction of administrative culture workable and practical.And by the administrative culture construction organizations in theadministrative organization of systems, structures, personnel and style, skills,strategies and values together to form an organic whole system, thus avoidingthe lack of reform of administrative system reform into the cultural soil andtrapped failure stereotype.In the Transitional period, the administrative building of organizationalculture building service-oriented government has a very great necessity andimportance. In short, through administrative culture construction organizationscan be "rule of man" thought into a "rule of law" thinking, the "official position" ideas into "people oriented" thinking, the "power-oriented" concept into a"rights-based" concept, enabling construction to protect the intellectual andspiritual support necessary for service-oriented government. Based on this, it isnecessary to give enough attention and investment in research administrativeorganizational culture."Trace to its source." Chief tissue culture research has its specialtheoretical background and theoretical origins, the theoretical background ofthe administrative organization of cultural studies is that there has been aparadigm shift in management into the1980s and1990s, namely the culturalparadigm shift in the trend, cultural issues become the focus and the focus ofmanagement science. Theoretical origins of administrative organization ofcultural studies major cultural, ethnic culture and organizational culture. Whereculture is the parent administrative organizational culture, national culture is theideological source of administrative organizational culture, and organizationalculture is a hotbed of administrative organizational culture theory, therelationship between culture and organizational and administrativeorganizational culture is most closely studied the basic paradigm ofadministrative organizational culture come from the organizational culture."The concept is a logical starting point." Research on administrativeorganizational culture is built on the concept of starting. Administrativeorganizational culture in a broad sense and narrow sense. Broad administrativeorganizational culture refers to certain social and historical background,administrative organization in the long-term practical activities gradually and asmembers of the organization generally recognized and accepted, theorganization and its members have a lasting influence on the values of theexecutive, administrative awareness, administrative practices and the sum ofthe administrative mode of thinking. Administrative organizational culturenarrowly refers to the process of solving problems of external adaptation andinternal integration, the community based on a common understanding of theacquisition, thinking, emotional expression and shared values administrativeorganization. Some scholars believe the structure of the administrativeorganization of cultural artefacts, values and basic assumptions of three levelsdeep level, some scholars believe that the administrative organizational cultureartefacts, systems and values of three levels. Administrative organizationalculture has developed a strategic framework, the impact of authority andleadership, motivate members of the organization and management controlprocess functions. Dimension administrative organizational culture are mainly2 two: output-oriented and results-oriented dimension, as well as the grid-thedimension group culture.According to grid-the dimension of cultural organizations, theadministrative organizational culture can be divided into four types: randomdoctrine of administrative organizational culture, level of doctrine administrativeorganizational culture, organizational culture of individualism and egalitarianismexecutive administrative organizational culture. The main factors affecting theadministrative organizational culture with national culture, administrative cultureand Western culture."History is the best mirror reality." Through the process of China’sadministrative review of the evolution of organizational culture, organizationalculture can be informed of administrative Transitional period to reshapehistorical background. China’s administrative organizational culture evolutiongone through four stages, namely: Ethical administrative organizational culture,ethics-system type administrative organizational culture, institutional-legaltype of administrative organizational culture and ethics-the rule of laworganization culture. Through the development trend of China’s administrativeorganizational culture retrospective, you can clear Transitional periodremodeling of the administrative organizational culture is a major obstacle facedby most systems engineering."There is always a gap between ideal and reality." Through the currentsituation of the administrative organizational culture analysis, you can learn theTransitional period of China’s administrative organizational culture reflects thefollowing main characteristics: Conflict Conflict rule of man and the rule of law,conflict of moralism and utilitarianism, hierarchy and equality concept, closedand conservative conflict and open innovation, despotism and the spirit of thecontract conflicts. On the basis of the Transitional period based on the currentadministrative organization of cultural analysis, summed up the culturalconstruction of the main problems existing in China’s administrativeorganization, are: the main administrative building of the lack of organizationalculture, organizational culture construction administrative fuzzy objectives,cultural and administrative organization principled confusion, administrativeorganization lacks normative cultural construction, cultural construction ofadministrative organization participation is not strong organizational culture andthe construction of the administrative path dependence."Bright future, the road twists and turns." In the combined objectives of thereform and development direction of the government’s economic background of the era of globalization and the Transitional period basis, the paper points outthe goal of our administrative building of organizational culture, principles andpaths Transitional period. Goal of the administrative building of the Transitionalperiod of organizational culture is to build a service-oriented administrativeorganizational culture, law-type administrative organizational culture,organizational culture and participatory nature of the administrative-typeadministrative organizational culture. Its principle is to adhere to the party’sleadership and Marxism in China, inherit and carry forward the essence oftraditional culture as well as learn from the advanced Western culture.Construction of the main path system path: to establish and improve laws andregulations of the administrative building of organizational culture,organizational path: building a learning organization, the technical path: usingthe Internet to implement the cultural construction of administrative organization,the human path: to establish and improve the cultural construction ofadministrative organization laws and regulations."Trace to its source." Finally, from the perspective of traditional Chineseculture to further explain the necessity and importance of administrativeorganization Transitional Culture.
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