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On The Influence Of Chinese Traditional Administration Culture On The Service-Oriented Government Construction

Posted on:2013-03-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330392459264Subject:Administrative Management
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With the continuous deepening of reform and opening-up, there is an all-around change,including economy, politics, culture and society. Chinese society has come into thetransformation period, which gives a great challenge to the traditional governmentadministrative system. In order to keep improving the socialist market economy and adapt toconstructing the socialist concord society, the government reform must be implemented, fromwhich the construction of service-oriented government is proposed.A newly established administrative system naturally produced an adaptive administrative culture,the spiritual core and an active factor of the system. A government cannot be improved without a goodadministrative culture. And only the administrative culture can support and promote the service-orientedgovernment construction. However, Chinese traditional culture has a history of several thousand years,and until now it still has a deep influence on the government administrative system and the thoughts andactions of administrative subject. All those above also influence the service-oriented governmentconstruction.Chinese traditional administrative culture has its two sides on the service-oriented governmentconstruction. It is a kind of ethical culture. In terms of administrative ideas, it advocates policy ofbenevolence, Care-for-the-People Policy and the Confucian philosophy to accommodate divergentviews. In terms of administrative content, it pays much attention to the system of talent training and thetalents must attain both ability and morality. In terms of the construction of administrative morality of thepersons, it emphasizes moral culture and advocates anti-corruption ideas. These positive value should beinherited and carried forward. We should make our efforts to absorb the soul from traditionaladministrative culture, in order to lead us to constructing a better service-oriented government.However, because traditional administrative culture is for the purpose of maintaining theestablishment of the feudal state under the class rule, it in essence cannot adapt to the development ofsocialist society in our country, for its ideas such as highly centralized ideas, traditional control culture,‘official standard consciousness’, awareness of the local chief, formalism and rule of men has seriouslyimpeded the transformation of the service-oriented government functions and setting up sense of service,as well as block the government’s legal construction.All these result in the weak public participation. Therefore from this aspect, it has negative impact on the service-oriented government construction.In view of the traditional administrative culture ’s negative effects, we should adopt thecorresponding countermeasure, respectively, from establish the notion of service, promote thetransformation of government functions, strengthen the construction of government under therule of law and improve citizens’ political participation in these four areas to eliminate thetraditional administrative culture of the service type government construction of negativeeffects, so as to better promote the building of a service-oriented government.
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