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On The Building Of The Township Government's Service Capacity In The Transition Period: Louxing District As An Example

Posted on:2010-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360275968665Subject:Administrative Management
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Government's public service capacity is assurance that governments should discharge their duties.Township level of government's public service is a essential characterization of the whole government capacity of public services,the capacity of the township government's public service level related to the vital interests of farmers,related to the grass-roots government's image and the ruralsocial stability,related to the building of a harmonious society related to the process of building a new countryside.They has an important significance that improving the capacity of the township government,enhancing the level of public services and promoting social harmony.Article to public service capacity for logical starting point,describes the transition of township government's public service capacity-building problems,a systematic analysis of the causes of these problems,and on this basis made up of township government services enhance the ability measures.Article were divided into five chapters.The first chapter introduces the main source of subjects to study the meaning and purpose of research,such as at home and abroad.ChapterⅡfocused on the ability of the township government's public service theory.Including public service capacity development process,capacity-building of public services to the general laws governing the classification of public service capacity, public service capacity factor,the capacity of the township government's public service features,functions positioning. ChapterⅢconsists mainly of an analysis of the township government's public service capacity-building some of the questions.Such as the concept and functions on the dislocation, financial difficulties,the plight of the mechanism,the weak social infrastructure,such as the cadre structure is irrational.At the same time also introduced Louxing district township government's public service capacity-building problems and practices.ChapterⅣfocuses on the town and township governments improve public service capacity of the main measures.District Rural Louxing through capacity building of government services draw on experience,combined with the existing normal circumstances,put forward the ability to improve the way the township services.(1)we must clear the positioning of the functions of township government,and implementation functions as soon as possible;(2) to improve the public finance system;(3) to strengthen the township government buildihg mechanisms;(4) to improve the basic conditions for public services,(5) to strengthen the civil service township government building.
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