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Study On China’s Policy Of Sports Service Industry

Posted on:2013-06-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1267330425956983Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Through the methods of literature, field investigation, expert interview andquestionnaire survey, this article analyses and studies China’s sports serviceindustry policy system, operation process and the effect.on the one hand,it summed up foreign background of sports service industrypolicy content,design basis, and the experience of better effect. For example,foreign sports service industry can get a variety of tax preferential policies, policyMakers can fully listen to all the recommendations, on the process of policyevaluation and operation as well. On the other hand, based on the related theory, itis summarized sports service industry policy development general rule combinedwith domestic and foreign sports service industry development course. Such asthrough a variety of ways to obtain adequate sports service industry policyinformation, sports service industry policy content and development should beaccording to the national economy, to the relative policy content, to other policycontent. sports service industry policy making should be according to the policyenvironment, should select the appropriate decision mode, for example, elitedecision, group decision to devise the scheme to solve the problem. China shouldtake the proper scientific methods of implementation, evaluation and monitoringabout the Sports service industry policy under the existing policy environment.On this basis, it analyses China’s entire sports service industry policy systemand the operation process of China ’s sports service industry policy.Firstly,On the policy system in China, It analyzed in terms of sports serviceindustry policy documents, and mainly divided them into special policies of sportsservice industry, sports service industry policies related to sports service industryand other policies. China ’s more sports service industry policy are macro, localpolicy is more concrete. The early purpose of the policy content mainly to operatepublic sports resources, and gradually encourage social resources put intosports service industry.Secondly,On the sports service industry policy operation, it focuses on theformulation and implementation process of sports service industry policy. China ’searly sports service industry policy mainly made by sports administrativedepartments, gradually, made by several departments and made by higheradministrative departments, such as government or local government. Oursports service industry policy is relatively lag,conservative, inharmonious, and so on. Sports service industry policy investment is relatively small, there is a bigdifference between different areas. Each area has the special implement mode of thesports service industry policy on account of policy enforce capacity, local policydocuments existed and the certain policy environment. China’s sports serviceindustry policy making and implementing is lake of evaluation and monitoring.Thirdly, this article evaluate the implementation effect of our country sportsservice industry policy. After the evaluation, it found that China’s sports serviceindustry policy implementation effect is not ideal, and different area sports serviceindustry policy implementation effect exists bigger difference. The maininfluencing factors are the sports service industry policy environment, policy itself,policy object, and the subject of policy executing. Improvement of China’s sportsindustry policy implementation effect should be taken from these factors.Fourthly, on the sports service industry policy needs.,there are a lot ofproblems in the Chinese sports service industry development. China ’s sportsservice industry is developing quickly, but the development of sports industrystructure is imbalance, sports service industry added value is low, sports serviceconsumption level is low, sports lottery industry could not promote China’ssports event industry, and is not Coordinate to welfare lotteryFinally,according to our country sports service industry policy and China ’ssports service industry of sports service industry policy demand, it proposedconsummates about China’s sports service industry policy proposals, such as localpolicy should adapt the policy environment,increase the coordination betweensports service industry policy and other policy, government should give up such aseconomic interest, government should appropriate sports service industry policyevaluation and consider the sports service industry policy cost.
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