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Inheritance And Evolution - Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year's Painting Research Since Reform And Opening Up

Posted on:2017-02-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1315330482490982Subject:Fine Arts
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The paper takes the Yangjiabu New Year Pictures of Shandong Weifang after the the reform and opening-up as the research object.The field investigation and research area are located in the original place of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures-West Yangjiabu village.In a given space,with the time being the thread,by looking into the concrete behavior and activities of the creators,the producers,and the consumers as well as the government,the paper will explore and analyze the transformation and flowing deformation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures after the reform and opening-up,and investigate and record its flowing deformation in image spectrum,crafts materials,production forms,creation ways,post customs,consumption groups and sales ways.In terms of the methodology,the paper combines participant observation,in-depth interview and literature to explore the regional field in Yangjiabu area.The relevant historical background and New Year Pictures information are obtained through interviews and literature,and the New Year Pictures creation and the current production situation are understood through participant observation.The investigation and observation of the Yangjiabu Pictures are not limited in traditional wooden New Year Pictures in the paper,but including the New Year Pictures and Offset Print Pictures appeared in Yangjiabu in that period of time.The paper is divided by four parts including introduction,content,conclusion,and appendix.The introduction is mainly about the significance of the subject,the relevant research of the academics,and the historical developmental situation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures.The first chapter will make an overall introduction to the Yangjiabu village in terms of geographic position,historical development,craftsmanship situation,and relevant folk-customs,with the purpose of restoring the basic situations of the history and geography and folk-customs of the production area of the New Year Pictures.The second chapter will briefly retrospect the history of the Yangjiabu New Year Pictures in the era after the foundation of the country and the the Cultural Revolution period,and will focus on their recover and development process from the opening and reform period to 1990s.Activities of the government,New Year Pictures institutions,New Year Pictures Clubs and folk artisans in this period will be mainly explored,and the power of each parties in this period during transformation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures will be mainly discussed.The third chapter will elaborate several aspects including the change of New Year Pictures market and the consumption groups and the solutions and attitudes of the producers during the important period between 1990 and 2007 of the transformation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures,exploring the transformation reasons and results.The fourth chapter will mainly explore the current and production situations of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures after transformation after the non-material cultural heritage protection activities are implemented in this century,and analyze and conclude their creative ways and creative mechanisms in the new era.And some protection and development solutions are offered based on the above-mentioned situations.Through the discussions above,the paper basically explores several questions as follows:1.What is the basic trend of the flowing deformation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures after the reform and opening-up?2.What roles does the produces,creators,consumers,and government play during the process of flowing deformation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures?3.What is the specific situations of the flowing deformation of Yangjiabu New Year Pictures in terms of image spectrum,crafts materials,production forms,creation ways?After the implementation of the non-material cultural heritage protection activities,what is the existing and development situations of Yangjiabu Wooden New Year Pictures?...
Keywords/Search Tags:Yangjiabu Wooden New Year Pictures, Offset Printing New Year Pictures, NewYearPictures, non-material cultural heritage, transformation, flowing deformation
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