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The Research Of New Year Pictures Design Traveling Souvenir Development In Yangjiabu

Posted on:2013-03-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2255330425471902Subject:Art of Design
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Yangjiabu, located in the northern part of Shandong Peninsula, is the main origin of China’s three New Year woodprint pictures, the hometown of Chinese folk culture and a tourist resort of rich folk customs, standing for Shandong traditional folk culture. In addition, souvenirs in the existing market lack diversity, feasibility, high cultural value and proper packaging. All these problems impede the development of the market. The urgent work is to design souvenirs adaptable to society consumption and to stimulate consumption to promote the development of souvenir market in Yangjiabu.At first, the thesis sorts out researches by scholars home and abroad on New Year woodprint pictures in Yangjiabu and discusses the essential attribute of these pictures. By means of on-the-spot investigations and network questionnaires, the thesis analyses and studies the design and development condition currently of tourist souvenirs to find the problems. Secondly, the thesis discusses the value of design and development of tourist souvenirs in Yangjiabu from three perspectives which are the cultural inheritance of woodprint New Year pictures in Yangjiabu, the demonstration of regional cultural characteristics and the development of local economy. Finally, according to the conclusions of the previous theoretical research and market analysis and problems found in the souvenir market in Yangjiabu, the thesis cites cases to get inspiration. Then, combined with the woodprint characteristics in Yangjiabu, the thesis summarizes its design and development strategy.The topic linked closely to economics and consumer psychology is multidisciplinary concerned, including the study of the New Year pictures of Yangjiabu souvenir design and development strategies, regional folk culture of Weifang and Yangjiabu and traditional Chinese folk art. The author discusses the design and development strategy of Yangjiabu’s New Year pictures souvenirs through the perspectives of the problems found, the analysis and research and the solution to the problems, having instructing significance in the theoretical and practical aspects.
Keywords/Search Tags:Yangjiabu, New Year Pictures, Souvenirs, Design andDevelopment
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