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Research On Synergy Mechanism In The Project Management Of Educating And Training Outstanding Engineers

Posted on:2018-11-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1317330518958159Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the transformation of the industrial revolution and the advent of innovative economy,large quantities of outstanding engineering technical personnel are needed to deal with the fierce international competition.As a result,countries in the world increasingly realized that engineering talent resource is the fundamental resource for their social and economic development in the future,and therefore,governments attach great importance to the cultivation of outstanding engineering technical personnel.The quality of the engineering talent resource is closely related to the development potential,prosperity and international prestige of a country and a nation.“Plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers”(hereafter referred to as “Outstanding Plan”)is an essential move initiated by Ministry of Education after realizing the significance and urgency of educating outstanding engineering talents to turn our country from a country with large quantity in engineering education to a country with excellent quality.Since the implementation of the “Outstanding Plan” in 2010,much progress has been made,but there are still many challenges on the management.Many experts and scholars have analyzed this project from the perspective of education and teaching management.This dissertation tries to make a breakthrough of the previous studies,and by addressing the practical problems existing in the management,aims to study this talent training plan from the perspective of synergetic mechanism on engineering project management.Thus this research is strongly practical and innovative.From the perspective of project management,the plan for training outstanding engineers is a complex system involving multiple participants or subjects including the university,industry,government and industrial associations.The implementation of synergetic management among subjects could make good use of their respective advantages to optimize the allocation of resources and achieve all-win results.The study aims at achieving the synergistic effect among the four subjects.On the basis of complex adaptive systems theory,self-organizing theory,resource complementarity theory and synergy mechanism theory,by applying system analysis method,the combination of static formation and dynamic evolution,the combination of qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis,the combination of theoretical analysis and empirical research,this dissertation makes a systematic,comprehensive and multilevel exploration on synergy mechanism of the “Outstanding Plan”.The contents of the research are as follows:(1)Based on the complex adaptive systems theory,the research on the complexity and evolution of the complex adaptive system in the synergy mechanism of outstanding engineer education has been done.On account of the complex adaptive feature and self-organizing characteristic of the outstanding engineer education system,after analyzing the evolution of system order parameter and the structure evolution model,the vital importance of the synergy mechanism during the self-organizing evolution process has been discussed,and finally the self-organizing evolution mechanism generated from synergy mechanism has been revealed.In addition,through the analysis on driving factors in the outstanding engineer education system,three major dimensions in the synergy mechanism have been studied and the coupling among three dimensions has been analyzed.(2)Based on the analysis of three dimensions of the synergy mechanism in outstanding engineer education system,researches on the capability collaboration of participants have been carried out.After studying the competence dimensionality of university,industry,government and industrial associations,this dissertation focuses on the analysis of the synergy mechanism in knowledge capability between universities and enterprises to address the most serious problem in current management.In order to solve the optimum partiner-seeking problem and matching problem in the cooperation between universities and enterprises,principles of constructing collaborative partnership have been put forward,and competence indicator system has been established for universities and enterprises respectively.What's more,ant colony optimization has been adopted to work out the collaboration of best partnership,which proves the effectiveness of the above indicator systems and it also turns out that ant colony optimization is able to solve the problem of bilateral stability of multi-capability value in a complex synergy mechanism.(3)Based on the resource complementarity theory,studies on the interest synergy mechanism in the outstanding engineer education system have been conducted.Starting with the analysis of interest collaboration and interest demands of stakeholders,this dissertation differentiates tangible assets and intangible assets,and both of them are regarded as objects of profit distribution.As to the problem that enterprises lack enthusiasm in participating the cooperation due to the lack of interest drives,powerful incentive methods are advocated which combine the policy incentives from the government and industry-university-research cooperation outcome incentive from universities.As for the profit distribution of intangible assets,group decision profit model has been established to serve as the synergy mechanism of profit distribution.(4)In the synergy mechanism system of outstanding engineer education process,relationship synergy is also an important dimension.Therefore,systematic analysis on diverse cultivating subjects participating in the outstanding engineer education has been done based on the resources and advantages complementary theory as well as system coupling theory.The analyzing aspects include physical system coupling,cultivation process coupling,knowledge interaction coupling,management system coupling and cultural value coupling.Through relationship synergy and responsibilities distribution among participants,dynamic relation synergy system has been established and the overall efficiency has been maximized.(5)Based on the synergy mechanism in outstanding engineer education,researches on comprehensive evaluation mechanism in outstanding engineer education system have been carried out.In accordance with the synergy mechanism,projects synthetic evaluation index system has been established,and analytic hierarchy process has been adopted in the weight analysis of indexes.In line with the status of outstanding engineer education program,fuzzy comprehensive assessment method has been used to evaluate case projects,hoping to provide reference for future decision-making and performance improvement.This dissertaion focuses on the study of synergy mechanism among diverse participants in the “Outstanding Plan” system,which meets the needs of the national major strategy of cultivating outstanding engineers and expands the application of synergy mechanism as well.Consequently,this research would promote the development of “Outstanding Plan”,and has essential significance to the implementation of the strategy of cultivating engineering innovative talents.
Keywords/Search Tags:educating and training outstanding engineers, capability synergy mechanism, interest synergy mechanism, relation synergy mechanism, evaluation mechanism
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