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A Study On Lottery Playing Health Of Sport Bettors

Posted on:2017-07-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1487305180462754Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Since the issuance of China's first sports betting in 2001,the total sales of sport betting were 143.7 billions.Sport betting has become the largest types in sport lottery in addition to lotto lottery.Sport betting can rich amateur life,increase sport games' viewing experiences,and provide opportunities to know more friends and more time to community with friends,while Sport betting had negative influences on lottery players' finance and family.How to promote sport bettors' health has been paid more attention of social and researchers.This paper investigated sport bettors' health status,influencing factors and mechanism.Study 1 aimed to develop a multidimensional measure in relation to lottery playing health through two rounds surveys with subjects from Hubei.A total of 302 sport lottery players from Wuhan participated in the first survey.This survey was used to item analysis and exploratory factor analysis.A total of 434 sport lottery players from Wuhan,Enshi and Xianning participated in the second survey which was designed to confirmatory factor analysis,reliability analysis and validity analysis.The results showed that the Lottery Playing Health Scale with 18 items consisted of five factors:Enjoyable Experience,Favorable Socialization,Rational Control,Negative Mood,and Social Harm.Cronbach's alpha coefficient for the subscales of LPHS ranged was 0.815,0.810,0.811,0.797 and 0.780.Lottery Playing Health Scale showed good psychometric properties including good fit for the data,discriminate validity and reliability.This scale can be used to measure the health status for sport lottery players.A total of 1040 sport bettors were recruited to investigate the status of their health in Study 2.The results showed that the overall health of sport bettors were good.The health of male and high regional economic level was better.Sport bettors of higher academic qualifications had poorer rational control and more social harms.Young sport bettors had more enjoyable experience,favorable socialization.There were positive relations between enjoyable experience,favorable socialization and money,the more money bettors spend on sport lottery,the more enjoyable experience and favorable socialization will bettors have.Using grounded theory,Study 3 established a model of influence factors on lottery playing health for sport lottery bettors.Semi-structured interviews among 26 sport lottery bettors were conducted.Data were analyzed using constant comparison in open,axial,and selective coding stages.The results showed that 1)four core categories of influence factors on lottery playing health were extracted:personal risk factors,personal protection factors,environmental risk factors,environmental protection factors;2)Football complex and perceived knowledge(personal risk factors),sport betting accessibility and improper propaganda(environmental risk factors)can not only directly affect lottery playing health,but also indirectly influence it though cognitive bias and self-efficacy.Responsible propaganda and peer promotion(environmental protection factors),risk perception(personal protection factors),peer inhibition(environmental risk factors)can moderate the role of these factors on healthy purchasing lottery.This model reflected the integrated roles of personal and environmental factors,risk and protective factors on lottery playing health.Study 4 was used to verify the model of Study 3.A total of 449 sport bettors was recruited to investigate the relationship among,self-efficacy and lottery playing health.The results showed that:(1)perceived knowledge can directly influence the heath of sport bsttors;(2)self-efficacy was positively relative with rational control,negatively relative with enjoyable experience,favorable socialization and social harm;(3)perceived knowledge can influence rational control and social harm through self-efficacyIn conclusion,the present study investigated the health of sport bettors through four surveys.The first two surveys develop a multidimensional measure considering both sides of lottery at the same time in relation to lottery playing health and then used this measure to analysis the health status of sport bettors in China.The last two surveys established a model of influence factors on lottery playing health for sport bettors,tested the typical path of this model.In the end,we try to raise a strategy system in promoting health for sport bettors in three levels from personal,community and social.
Keywords/Search Tags:sport bettor, health, questionnaire development, influencing factors, model, health promoting
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