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Research On Distribution Network Feeder Automation And Its Application

Posted on:2011-05-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G H ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132330332971308Subject:Electrical engineering
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As at the last stage of the power transmission and distribution system, distribution networks directly face and respond to customers, the power quality and reliability of which has significant impact on power network and customer. Furthermore, the requirement of their reliability is ever increasing as with the development of economics and the rise of people's living standard. Distribution Automation (DA) is of most important means to enhance reliability and quality, to increase transmission capability, to guarantee their efficient and economic operation, and it is also a fundamental aspect to make the vision of smart grid come true. Therefore, it has caught more and more attention from researchers and utility companies.From the view of vertical structure, DA can be categorized into four divisions and they are Distribution Management System (DMS), Substation Automation, Feeder Automation (FA) and Customer Automation (or Demand Side Management). Feeder Automation is the key to meet the requirement of power distribution reliability. Some FA projects have been started in the major cities in China; however, most are at the beginning stage. Hence, more researches on the techniques and the solutions, especially, with the characteristics of local distribution network fully considered, are needed. The work of this thesis is carried out Based on the development and recent progress of FA, both at home and abroad, and it can be summarized as follows:First, A comprehensive review on the development of FA, both at home and abroad, is made, the main problems of the implementation of FA in China is also analyzed in Chapter 1.Second, the main fault processing models—the Current Type, the Voltage Type and the Comprehensive Type are introduced, and the key techniques of FA and their latest development in China and some existing problems are also analyzed. The development trends and its object are discussed at the end of Chapter 2.Third, a new FA technical solution, mainly focusing on the primary equipment and the protection, is proposed and fully presented in Chapter 3. The new solution is a combination of circuit breakers, load switches and automatic controllers and its background techniques and characteristics are introduced.Fourth, the application of the new technical solution in Guangzhou Panyu distribution network system is introduced, and its effects are analyzed. The operation statistics showed the new solution had been applied and operated well in Panyu and enhanced its reliability.
Keywords/Search Tags:Feeder Automation (FA), current type-FA, voltage type-FA, new technical solution, Panyu distribution network
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