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The FOSHAN SANSHUI Grid10kV Feeder Automation Application Evaluation And Promotion Strategy

Posted on:2015-07-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2272330452960192Subject:Electrical engineering
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Distribution network is the intermediate links between the electricity transmission andthe electricity distribution, the security of the network frame itself gains more and morepeople’s attention. The scientific development of power industry, leads the distributionnetwork moving forward to a more flexible, reliable, efficient and intelligent direction. Toensure the power grid, improve power supply reliability and power quality, provide customerswith quality service, reduce the operating cost of enterprises as well as the labor intensity ofoperation personnel in multifunctional technology system, the distribution automationtechnology is widely promoting and applying all over the country in China. How to make agood job in promoting and applying the distribution automation technology based on localeconomic development, the industry fellows put more and more energy to think about thisissue.Since1990s, the Feeder Automation System pilot has been launched in the SANSHUIDistrict grid, FOSHAN City, it left some experiences and lessons on the application ofautomation technology. In this background, this paper based on the actual power grid inSANSHUI District, is parsing the adjustment of SANSHUI power grid to adapt to the localcounty economy development, focus on introducing of power grid in power distributionnetwork links in the10kV Feeder Automation applications operating experience, and proposesome constructive suggestions for its correction and improvement. It is to optimize andenhance the level of the distribution network automation for the intelligent development ofSANSHUI power grid. At the same time, by adopting the actual operation experience in theproduction, this paper is trying to speak out the voice of production line, promote theharmonious and healthy development of power distribution ecosystem, and make itscontribution to this industry for a better adoption of electric power for local county economicdevelopment.Its main contents are as follows:The first chapter is Introduction. It introduces the research significance of this topic andthe research status and development situation of the distribution automation technology inlandand abroad.The second chapter is to analysis the actual status of power grid in SANSHUI District,FOSHAN City. Firstly, it introduces the general information of SANSHUI District, FOSHANCity, and divides SANSHUI District into different power supplying parts. Then introduces thedevelopment situation of SANSHUI power grid, analyzes the problems there, for example the supply pressure level of distribution network scale, network structure, load capacity,equipment level and the status of the running safety etc.The third chapter is the overview for the10kV Feeder Automation. It discusses thedefinition, function and role of feeder automation system, and introduces equipment such asthe switchgear, the transformers, the feeder remote terminal, communication technology,control station and the host device, and presents the three typical application patterns. Finally,it simply explains the important device fault indicator as a complement of feeder automationfault automatically locate.The fourth chapter explains the implementation status of the10kV Feeder Automation inSANSHUI. By citing The10kV overhead line feeder automation technology plan by theSANSHUI Power Supply Bureau, SANSHUI Power Supply Bureau introduces the10kVoverhead line application of Feeder Automation in detail, and describes the existing problemsin the application of automatic power distribution network frame structure, configuration,automatic switch, putting automation terminal and power supply, transformer, communicationchannel as well as fixed value management issues.The five chapter proposes the promotion strategy in the10kV Feeder Automationsystem in SANSHUI District, FOSHAN City. By changing the concept of managementthoughts, personnel post evaluation, completed the research collaboration, it is to improve theposition in distribution network automation. With strict control of the equipment typeselection, equipment procurement, quality management, construction management, retiredscrap, and improvement of the feeder terminal unit, to strengthen the10kV FeederAutomation system in whole life cycle of the equipment management. Through clearequipment operational responsibilities, improving staff professional operational skills andbuilding automation equipment professional engineer team, it enhances the10kV FeederAutomation system daily operational management skills.
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