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Application Research Of Distribution Automation In District Power Network

Posted on:2008-10-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z ShenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360215462134Subject:Control Engineering
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With the deepening of reform and the rapid economic development in our country, the demands of the energy sources increase relatively, thus the shortage of power source becomes a noticeable problem. Recently, the development of power industry, in most areas in China, can't meet the needs of the rapid development of economy. Some districts have to limit the industrial electricity to insure the living power consuming, which largely limits the development of economy. However, the construction and development of power industry needs a long-term effort, and the investment of the money and the exploration and utilization of the non-renewable energy are also the critical factors to affect its development. Therefore, the traditional structure of power distribution networks, and its protection, operation and management mode can't meet the demands now; in order to improve the quality of the power supply, the new power distribution mode and distribution automation system are in urgent need.Distribution automation and its management system is the automation and supervising system which applies modern electron technology, communication technology, computer and network technology to integrating real time information, off-line information, user information, electric network structural parameter and geographic information of distribution system. It combines the real-time distribution automation and distribution management system into an integration.This thesis mainly studies the application of the "electrical voltage type" line-feeder automation in district power grids:1. It introduces the mode of the distributed feeder automation system, which is mainly based on the cooperation of the automation switchgear and fit better the reconstruction of the distribution in countryside.2. It introduces the mode of the concentrative feeder automation system; SCADA system makes a control through its judgment by the information acquired from FTU, this mode is better for the reconstruction of the distribution in city.3. It put emphasis on the application of the voltage type controlling mode system in the 10KV overhead lines of distribution networks in suburb areas.Distribution automation is a highly complex and systematic project, including all the functional data flow and control associate with the power distribution system. We should explore sufficiently the functions of the power distribution system in existence, and develop it into an open, integrated automation system. Besides, we should improve the security and efficiency of the operation of the power distribution networks, advance the quality of power supply, reduce the laboring intensity, make good use of the existing facilities, shorten the power cut period and narrow the power cut areas, and these measures can bring considerable economic and social benefits.
Keywords/Search Tags:distribution automation, reliability, voltage type feeder automation
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