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Practical Research Of Feeder Automation Function In Dalian 10kV Distribution Network

Posted on:2017-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Z LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2322330488454632Subject:Electrical engineering
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With the upgrading and development of the 10kV distribution network automation system, the practical research of feeder automation for high level application of power distribution network has begun to be developed. The feeder automation uses the computer platform and the stable communication network, which can realize the real-time collection, processing and monitoring of the operation information of the feeder line. And the fault information can be sent to the main station of the power distribution network in time, and the fault area and the power supply of the non-fault area can be recovered in the real sense. As a city, Dalian develops rapidly in economy and has many industrial enterprises, but its feeder automation function still can't be achieved, which brings a serious impact on the development of urban economy and the life quality of urban residents.In line with the principles of security accuracy and reliability, starting with conditions of realizing the function of feeder automation, the topic sums up the problems and deficiencies in the functions of Dalian 10kV distribution network feeder automation and improves the backward status that the faults still need to be discovered by the dispatchers and the power staff have to rush to the scenes to maintain and repair the equipment. Nowadays, the communication stability of feeder automation system is poor, all the substation graphics should be input manually, the need of electrical looped network can't be met. With the help of OPEN3200 system, the above problems have been solved in three aspects. First, design a communication mode that composed of optical fiber network,3G wireless network and PLC power line carrier. The mode realizes the communication coverage of the distribution network system and guarantees the stability of the transmission of feeder automation data and command. Second, with the help of IEB information interaction bus, realize the automatic input of the distribution network graphics, models and database information and achieve the requirements of the entirely looped network of feeder automation function. Third, design a processing pattern that relies mainly on master station centralization while switching station localization subsidiary and design different solutions directing at different kind of line breakdown. In the end, the feeder automation system which is suitable for the 10kV distribution network of Dalian Power Supply Company is built.Finally, through the simulation of various types of feeder faults in the distribution network, the fault processing function of the feeder automation system is tested. The test results show that the design has reached the practical application of the automation function of feeder automation in Dalian 10kV distribution network.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution automation, Feeder automation, Information sharing, Fault treatment
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