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Vocal Music Teaching Means And Teaching Material Research Of Common University

Posted on:2011-12-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the deepening of the education for all-round development, public music education in colleges is embracing new opportunities. Adding courses like vocal arts in college curriculum is one of the key approaches to contributing to arts public music and aesthetic education in colleges.This paper is divided into six parts: introduction, puts forward the source of subject and theoretical research purposes;the first chapter,introduces development general situation of ordinary college music teaching, mainly introduces the basic concept of college music teaching,reviewing the development process of music teaching and briefly analyzing teaching reality;the second chapter,describes classification of college teaching repertoire,reasonable choice of vocal music teaching idea,in the end, describe the research of vocal music teaching material ; the third chapter, ordinary college vocal music teaching theory research,firstly describes its properties and tasks,then gives its basic principle,in the end, describes comprehensive teaching theory,furtherly analysis and discuss vocal music teaching theory from teaching objective,method,content and evaluation;the fourth chapter,introduces the problems and solution methods in the teaching practice by questionnaire epilogue,summarizes the article content and the research content furtherly in the vocal music teaching .
Keywords/Search Tags:Ordinary college music teaching, Vocal music teaching material, Comprehensive teaching theory, Teaching practice
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