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The Philosophical Thinking On The Construction Of The Environmental Friendly Society

Posted on:2012-04-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L LinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155330338454994Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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By the increasing of world wide resources shortage and the ecosystem deterioration, human beings are facing the environment crisis never meet before. Since the reform and open, the total quantity of the social economy has grown unceasingly, per capita share of natural resource's deficient, large population, low resource utilization efficiency and pollution maximum discharge, have caused the great ecological and environmental pressure. The environment problem have influence our country's sustainable development. In order to solve the environmental crisis, we must change the social and cultural value, change the way of traditional economic growth and consuming methods, develop environment friendly science and technology and sustainable development. The construction of environment friendly society is imperative.This thesis mainly adopts the literature methodology , comparative method and systematical analysis method. It introduces the source of environment-friendly society. It elaborates the interpretation of its connotation, characteristics and significance in details. It taps and probes the theory of environment-friendly society on the aspect of philosophy on the angle of view of the Principles of Marx's view of nature, Marx's view of practice and Marx's system thinking. The opinion of nature of environment-friendly society is a new view of point which has developed the useful and discarded the useless of traditional opinion of nature; It is the highest level annotation of"the two reconciliations"; The theory of environment-friendly society gives expression to the original integration of human beings and nature; It has the characteristics of integrality, relativity and homeostasis and so on; It embodies the dialectical unity of human beings and nature in the process of practice. And then, the thesis analysis the limited factors of subjective and objective, and on the basis of that, it advances the theory of effective approach towards the limited factors. On the aspect of subjective, we should clear up the opinion of nature of anthropocentrism and establish the view of nature of dialectical; to transform the utilitarian sense of worth to the sense of worth of environment-friendly to admit the value of nature; to build a environmental-friendly culture to reinforce the education of environment. On the aspect of objective, we should transform the mode of production to recycling economy; to develop the environment-friendly science and technology to reinforce the of power of social progress; to quicken the step of building of jurisprudence; to advocate environmental justice to achieve the sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:environment- friendly society, environmental crisis, anthropocentric
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