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Sustainable Development In Philosophy Viewpoint

Posted on:2003-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360092960130Subject:Marxist philosophy
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As a new kind of developmental strategy, sustainable development has been accepted and acknowledged by the overwhelming majority of the countries in the world. How to afford a kind of theoretical support for it? There are many different visual angles, such as economies' , ecology' and so on, whereas this article will try to view it from philosophy.What philosophy researches is mainly about the relationship between mankind and the world, which includes following aspects: the relationship between man and nature, the relationship between man and man and the relationship between man and himself. Thus, sustainable development in philosophy viewpoint will also be researched from these aspects. By recalling the historical development of human mode of thinking in the natural outlook, the author thinks that sustainable development is based on a new kind of natural outlook mat man and nature couple into one organic entirety, and it insists on realizing their perfect harmony. In the social relations between man and man, the author thinks that sustainable development1 essence is the fairness of human society, which includes the fairness between different generations and the fairness in the same generation. Based on the thought of these two relations, the author thinks that the central issue of sustainable development is just the development of mankind, so it can't go beyond the standpoint of anthropocentrism, but a kind of modern one. It demands to realize not only the selfish departmental value and the central status of mankind, but also the combination between the integral interests of mankind and the rational interests of individuals. And its ultimate purport is the overall and free development of mankind, at that time, man will become not only the conscious master of nature, but also the master of his own social relations, finally the master of himself.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sustainable Development, The Perfect Harmony of Man and Nature, Fairness, Anthropocentrism, The Overall and Free Development of Mankind
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