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Bird And Flower Painting Of The Ming Dynasty Secular Shift

Posted on:2010-05-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Chinese flower and bird painting unique and aesthetic properties of language with its own development in line with the law. Chinese painting in the history of the Ming Dynasty is the meaning of bird-development period of transition - the court house bird body to dilute the high elegant ancient Song of life, gradually weakening and variable grid; literati ink painting flowers and birds in particular the humanities and social thought place in the context of aesthetic variation, the choice of subject matter and content to reflect the performance in regard to changes in social life. These changes reflect the development of the law of body painting and active movements, which greatly expanded the bird's performance space.The early bird out of the palace in the Song Dynasty inherited house based on the style to reflect the characteristics of the times is different from the former: the aesthetic charm in the magnificent style of infiltration of secular, styles, or diverse Mix development, a more number of narrative, impressionistic style, and civilians. The medium-term changes in bird and flower painting are embodied in the "Wu school", represented by groups of artists, writers born-type bird to Shen Zhou, Wen Zhengming into tastes, Yin took the bird to﹑ Anglophobia further secularization position. The late Ming Dynasty, freehand ink big bird completed by the "write-shaped-shaped" to "intended to write to form" the changes in the secular tendency of scholars has been emotional bird,Simple and elegant type to begin the development of comprehensive, since the literati freehand in painting flowers and birds occupy the mainstream position of strength. With the political and economic situation changes, as well as improve the bird's own development, the Ming Dynasty bird body in hospital following the weak and the ink from the polarization of a decent start of the new look of tastes, from the elegant to the civilian secular elite gradually developing in the direction of the wind flow be, has been the impact on the Qing Yangzhou and Shanghai School of painting's physical condition, so that the realization of the ancient Chinese bird and flower painting in the true sense of the aesthetic shift.In this paper, this particular period of social transition aesthetic culture as the breakthrough point, the bird and flower painting in the Ming Dynasty works of literature and works with other dynasties comparison analysis combing, painting flowers and birds from China, the driving force for self-development and social environmental impact both inside and outside, demonstrated this phenomenon in the transition, both positive and negative impact.
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