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A Study On English-Chinese Translation Of Business Textbook Based On Newark's Text Typology Theory

Posted on:2011-02-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J F TangFull Text:PDF
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Analysis of text is so crucial that a translator should bear in mind the text types of materials from the very beginning of translating. Based on the text typology theory of Peter Newmark, an outstanding contemporary practice-based translation theorist in Britain, the author starts with his ten-thousand-word translation of Marketing Management,which has been translated into over 20 languages including Chinese, and used as business textbook in over 50 countries. Then the author elaborates on the eight problems in Mei Ruhe′s translated version, which are quantified in order to show which part needs more attention and improvement. The author also reviews the text typology theory of Peter Newmark, including the classifying criteria, the characteristics of the three main types, and the meanings of semantic translation and communicative translation. Finally, with regard to the problems in Mei′s translated version, the author divides them into four main types according to their specific characteristics, and a detailed discussion will follow. By means of the comparative study of selected examples of the good translations and mistranslations, the author attempts to prove that the theory can be applied to the translation of business textbook, and suggests that in the translating process of such book, the translator should follow the principle of"relying mainly on communicative translation, supplemented by semantic translation", and adopt such specific translation tactics as addition, division and conversion as appropriate. This thesis is aimed to integrate Newmark′s text typology theory and the author's translation practice, for the purpose of shedding some new light on future translation practice and translation researches of such kind.
Keywords/Search Tags:informative text, expressive text, vocative text, semantic translation, communicative translation
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