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The Future Development And Trend To Banking Sector—A Discussion In The Development And Management About The Internet-banking

Posted on:2001-10-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360002450678Subject:Business management
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This article discusses the development and trend of Internet- banking operation, which integrated Hong Kong (S.A.R) and Macau (S.A.R) region, mainly dissertate the pattern of Internet-banking development. It mainly includes discussion about e-commerce and Internet-banking, Internet-banking development actuality and route of direction, Internet-banking entity problems and policies, the value of Internet-banking to banking sector and the suggestion about the future development of Internet-banking in Macau. The entire article runs through the following background and consideration. In the bases of micro-electronics technology, computer technology, as a tool for managing information system and the rapid development of communication technology as the transmission media, all of these are greatly driving the direction of information of human society. The abroadly apply of information technology has already and would further affect in our life style, production pattern, learning skill, and working pattern as well. A number of new terminology such as knowledge economy, information economy, and network economy are already popular in human society, and would become realize very soon in our daily life. The emergence of internet has shorten the distance of the world, and which lead people into a visual world as well. Various business activities can realize through the internet such as negotiation, trading import and export, comprehend the newest economy situation and market. The integration of visual and realistic gestate e-commerce. Shopping and trading through the internet cause necessity of payment in the internet consequently, Internet-banking emerge as the times require come true. E-commerce and Internet-banking are interdependent and supplement each other. isual Sbop? and isual Banking House?become the best companion in the new web era, which break through the limitation of our space-time. Increasingly expands the scope of e-commerce and the emergence of Internet-banking bring business system and financial system revolutionize changes, which bring the infinity business chances. The traditional business activities and banking business affairs are falling under a great impact, that is chances and challenges are co-exit together. It is no doubt that banking business affairs development must depends on information economy, and inosculated with prospective and attractive e-commerce. The whole E-commerce operation and management of information system and so on purpose in achieving trading in paperless, indirectness, automatic and digital. Being a media of payment, banking must consider the present situation and tackle this turning point. In establishing suitable and appropriate market development policies, I think that banking should take Internet-banking as a focus of expend their business affairs, by means of internet trading, systematize, speediness, and digitalize currency as the aims, use electronic currency modality circulating through the internet, and enter into the isual banking? At present, it is the initial time for banking business affairs in the form of e-commerce waved in all over the world, bubbling with noise, the huge amount report of various kind of information media which involve with technology information in banking services as well. There is a urgent problem needed to be solved , which is how to adapt for a banking house in being a credit media in business activities, support and satisfy the demand, as well as how to surv...
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet-banking, Electronic commerce (E-commerce), Secure Risky, Management Information System
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