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Study On The Land Sustainable Utilization Evaluation Of Hebei

Posted on:2002-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032451321Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Land is the carrier of all the resources and environmental factors. Its sustainable utilization is most important to the implement of sustainable development strategy. The plundering utilization of land resource is now the menace to human exist and development, which make it much urgent to put the study of land sustainable utilization theory into practice. The goals of the thesis are as follows: to understand the present situation of land utilization in the whole province clearly; to expose the developing trends of sustainable utilization of land; to point out the restrictive factors in land utilization; to put forward some feasible measures and beneficial suggestions to the government and ultimately to reach the ends of promoting the land utilization level. First the thesis elaborate the principles of land sustainable utilization, and then analyze the concerning factors and their relationships according to the natural and social economy status. In the end, we work out an index system on land sustainable utilization evaluation from the five aspects of productive forces, production stability, economic feasibility, resources production and social acceptable extent. The weigh of indexes are defined by means of Analytic Hierarchy Process on the basis of quantitative and qualitative analyzing; the standardization of indexes are defined by subordinating function of fuzzy mathematics, finally we use multi-good liner functions to calculate the comprehensive values. The values indicate that the sustainability of land using of Hebei Province has been increasing for the last twenty years. Of all, the land productive force is stable promoted year by year, the economic feasibility and the social acceptable extent has risen clearly, the production stability has risen slowly in the fluctuation. However, the protection standard of land resources was declined quickly which is the focus of attention in the future development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Land Resources, Sustainable Utilization, Sustainable Utilization Evaluation, Appraisal Index, Hebei Province
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