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The Research On Administrative Approval Mechanism And Relative Legal Problems In The Industry Of Real Estate

Posted on:2002-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032457061Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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The industry of real estate has become one of main industries of our national economy and one of important underpins supporting our national economy's development in a persistent and stable way. The administrations are playing a significant role in the aspects of affecting, stipulating and promoting the development of industry of real estate. While presently the internal organic problems have already hold the industry of real estate from developing persistently. The developers are complaining that approval procedures are too numerous and trivial; the factor of man is so important that the administrations have been corrupted; the setting of administrations is unreasonable so that functions of administrations cross each other. The public also reflect that the administrations' work on social welfare and service is too unsatisfying to satisfy the public's housing needs. Aimed at these cases, the problems on how to improve the efficiency of the government, how to reform government departments, how to enhance the function of social welfare and etc. have become focuses of the government, developers and the public.This article starts from the administrations of the industry of real estate in Chongqing and investigates and classifies relative approval procedures. Aimed at the problem of numerous procedures, it provides that we can use the experience of developed countries (such as Singapore) as reference and set up electronic government with the support of all the administrations. The data-base chart on network government is also put forward.Aimed at the problem of the function of social welfare of the administrations, this papers refers to the plan of "economical house" in Hongkong and gives some advice on how to attract developers to participate in the plan of "economical house"(such as the aspect of predigesting approval procedures).Aimed at the problem of turbid functions of the administrations(especially the field of managing land),this paper puts forward the solution to correspond with various administrations' functions based on the experience of America. Furthermore, this paper analyzes deep-seated causes of the problems from the aspect of law and discusses whether the way of selling land consultatively and the method of transferring land by the government should exist. Finally, this paper dissertates that the administrative law can play a vital role in restricting the administrations' deeds and protecting developers' rights.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative approval in the industry of real estate, Electronic government, Legal problems on land
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