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Study Of Administrative Examination And Approval System Of China's Real Estate Development Projects

Posted on:2013-01-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2216330374458134Subject:Administrative Management
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The real estate industry is an important pillar industry of China's national economy. Real estate development is one of the important support of sustained and steady growth. Real estate administrative department plays an important role in influencing, regulating, and promoting the development of the real estate industry. At present, the government departments have hindered the continued development of the real estate development companies who complaining that the real estate administrative examination and approval the existence of the report procedure too cumbersome; affected by the pervasive corruption,there is strong artificial color in the administrative examination and approval of government departments; The real estate administrative agencies set is quite reasonable, and management functions cross. The public social welfare of the real estate of government departments and social service functions reflects a weak government, and far from being able to meet the public demand for housing. For these conditions, how to improve government efficiency, and government institutions to strengthen the real estate of government departments, social welfare functions has become an issue of great concern to the government, enterprises and the public.In this paper, the real estate administrative examination and approval process as the starting point, first described that in the administrative examination and approval status quo of real estate development projects, and pointed out the need to study for the real estate approval. The second part is mainly responsible for real estate projects in the approval of government departments and their functions. The third part analyzes the problems in China's real estate development projects of administrative examination and approval system, further analysis the cause, and on this basis, the reasons for these problems. The fourth part reflects on the drawbacks of our current real estate project examination and approval system, and the causes for these problems to analyze, improve the current real estate examination and approval system on the basis of recommendations. Which to reflect on the drawbacks in the current real estate examination and approval system, focusing on the measures through the introduction of parallel examination and approval and online administrative examination and approval process reengineering in order to better adapt to the rapid development of China's current economic and real estate industries.This paper systematically investigate and understand the examination and approval authority and approval procedures of real estate projects for real estate for approval is too cumbersome to learn from some parts of the practical experience, and joint real estate-related government departments, the idea of parallel examination and approval, and online approval process reengineering. Summary of the relevant reform experience in the field of cross confusing functions of the real estate examination and approval department, the witch hunt, the proposed solution of how to coordinate the department functions. And put forward suggestions for improvement of the real estate approval in the approval link.
Keywords/Search Tags:Administrative approval in the industry of real estate, parallel approval, online approval
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