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Study On The Optimization Of Guangzhou Real Estate Project Administrative Examination And Approval

Posted on:2017-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330503485762Subject:Architecture and civil engineering
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Real estate project administrative examination and approval involves more than 10 government departments, including the Land Bureau, Construction Committee, the Planning Bureau. There has implemented many approval reforms to solve the problems like complicated approval process, the long processing time and so on. Especially the approval reform upsurge in 2013, many districts have shown the approval time after the reform. It’s real worth discussing that Whether the current approval system and process can meet the needs of real estate enterprises and in line with the status quo of China’s real estate development; is there more room for improvement in this reform and how to improve.Summarize the domestic and foreign related theory, take advantages of setting concise institutions, sound legal system, clearing time frame, simplify the process, high public participation and electronic approval level in developed countries and avoid the problem that some domestic practices exceed the legal limits, and choose method to reengineer the whole approval process. From the perspective of the government and enterprises, analyze the real estate approval development and reform, the administrative approval organization and function, approval process and the real estate development process of Guangzhou City.Because the main parties involved in the real estate administrative approval are the relevant government units and real estate enterprises, so design the questionnaire of satisfaction degree of government service and real estate enterprises cooperation of Guangzhou real estate administrative approval and do the survey. Results show that satisfaction degree of real estate enterprises cooperation is higher than the government service. Research has shown many problems, the more prominent is the application of parallel approval, electronic approval and process and material reduction and so on.Research finds the practical operation of parallel approval is not strong for today’s real estate development level. The Guangzhou online administrative approval level is not very high at present, the implementation is difficult and the promote depends on government force. Use the method optimize the Guangzhou real estate administrative approval process. data redundancy removal rate reached 34%, the time optimal rate reached 27.3%, the annual savings for the Guangzhou Real Estate Project investment is 990.7 billion yuan.Based on the above analysis, put forward some suggestions for the approval. Build a station type real estate projects electronic examination approval service platform, rely on the platform to implement the relevant approval incentives and disincentives; focus on combing the logic of the approval, using method solving process simplification and material reduction problem; strengthen the collaborative project management of the government departments, Using Inter Organizational Learning salon to enhance government approval personnel level.
Keywords/Search Tags:real estate projects, administrative examination and approval, process reengineering
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