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The Mechanism Study On Network Management Transition In Traditional Enterprise

Posted on:2003-10-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360062985280Subject:Business Administration
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At first, the thesis, on the whole, summarizes different competition environments at tradition economic society and network economic society that enterprise face, analyzes emphatically the different features in the and management mode, etc, in the traditional enterprises and network enterprises and proposes on the basis of this the transition on the organization structure that must be carried on and management ideas, if the traditional enterprise wants to obtain the competitive advantage in the network society.The thesis regards Haier Group as on instance, especially analyzing the transition strategy and procedure of network economy transition tactics, In the face of rapid development the network economy in recent years, in order to meet the needs of enterprise development and competition, and meet the needs of economic globalization in the range of the world, Haier Group gives a new lease of life through pursuit of a series of structural adjustment and business processing reengineering, and establishes the organizational foundation in order to march into the e-business. The enterprise has carried on the through BPR focusing on the market chain, has made great efforts to realize service enterprise transition from production model enterprise, and has made the remarkable achievement.At last thesis combing with the reform of Haier puts forward the technological foundation that new economy depends on, Have pointed out three jobs needs carrying on emphatically in the course of network economy transition from the traditional enterprise: organizational change focusing on BPR, to set up organization structure of meeting the needs of new economy; Utilize the intrinsic brand, customer, service, material flow advantage of the traditional enterprise, and launch facing globe-oriented mass customization production and service; establish the serve of service First , to focused on and offer customer-satisfied individualized products and service to customers even more by the simple products.
Keywords/Search Tags:BPR(Business Process Re-engineering), Mass Customization, ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning), SCM(Supply Chain Management), CRM(Custom Relationship Management)
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