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The Modeling Research On Logistics Optimized Operation Entropy In Discrete Manufacturing System Of Job-Shop Ordering Type

Posted on:2003-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062995332Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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By the research on the logistics in discrete manufacturing system of Job-shop ordering type, the paper found its influencing factors among the operational progress and built a mathematic model using the entropy theory. Thereby, the level of logistics operation was appraised in the system through the operation entropy model and the measures which we should take were analyzedNow, with the coming of knowledge economy, the international and dynamic market competition is becoming more and more impetuous, and economic and consumers' requirements are becoming more and more uncertain. As the advanced technology has developed so rapidly, the competition among enterprises gradually turned into the competition among supply chains. On the base of which, the theory of supply chains management also has been developed. However, for our country, because of some extensive gap in the network development with the foreign country and the incompletion in the technology of Electronic Data Interchange, basic problems need to be researched urgently. We should pay more attention to the enterprise inner logistics. Logistics in discrete manufacturing system of Job-shop ordering type is the most complicated, so we choose it to research. Since Clausius firstly put the entropy theory forward in the year of 1865, it has always been developing. Some scholars use it for reference into the field of management. They considered that it could survey the disordered measurement of a system. So according to the system theory and entropy theory, this paper researched the operation of logistics and analyzed its regularity and appraised the logistics system by the level of operation entropy.A concrete discrete manufacturing company of Job-shop ordering type is illustrated in this paper. It analyzed the influencing factors of logistics system in this company and put forward three characteristic vectors of flow direction, flow quantity and flow speed, which were used to weigh logistics system. Further, it analyzed the factors that influenced these characteristic vectors during the progress of logistics operation. On the base of embedded analysis about the logistics system, the paper probed the question of operation entropy by the system theory,probability theory and fuzzy mathematics. Concretely, we separate its products into N series, which composed N strips non-crossed logistics, and then we find M factors that influence the logistics to build eigenvalue matrix of MXN. By the method of entropy weight, we get the weight of the influencing index factors and the value of entropy in each strip and the total entropy of the logistics system. At last we get the orderly measurement of the logistics system. Through the model of operation entropy, we can find which strip logistics is the best and which factor will influence it more. Besides, and we can also judge the level of logistics system and appraise whether the operation of logistics is good or not.In the end, by the logic theory of analogism, the paper gets the logistics optimized model of operation entropy in discrete manufacturing system of Job-shop ordering type.
Keywords/Search Tags:discrete manufacturing system, logistics, production logistics, entropy, operation entropy
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