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On Regional Integration Of The World Economy And The Development Of APEC

Posted on:2003-07-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092460028Subject:Political economy
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Regional integration of the world economic is one of the two irresistible historical tides, which is not contradictory with and seeks common development with the other - economic globalization. In face of the historical tide, any country and region can't take a passive attitude. APEC, as a kind of new cooperative pattern, has broken vertical categories of region integration in the light of rank orders. As the only regional economic cooperative organization China has joined at present, it is also the main stage for China to push forward marketing opening and gradually to link with the world. This article, with the background of regional integration of the world economic and through the concrete evidence research on APEC, proposes how to make our own Asia-pacific strategy and how to take part in APEC in order to share Asia-pacific prosperity.This article consists of three parts. The first part is a general study on regional integration of the world economic, which elaborates on the connotation of regional integration of the world economic, reasons and its types; its development and present new features; relations with economic globalization, which are analyzed accordingly. The second part presents a detailed analysis of the new pattern of the present regional economic integration-APEC. It mainly includes: the brief review of the development process of APEC; the salient characteristics of cooperative pattern and its quality orientation; trade and investment liberalization and economic technology cooperation; the relations with sub-regional economic organization, and the concrete evidence analysis of its trade and welfare effect. The third part mainly discusses the strategic choices of China in Asia-pacific economic integration. It expounds the problems of strategic of China to join in APEC and East Asia" 10+3" cooperation organization.
Keywords/Search Tags:Regional integration of the world economic, APEC, Asia-pacific economic integration
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