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Japan's Promotion Of CPTPP's Political And Economic Impact On The Asia-Pacific Region

Posted on:2020-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2416330575970334Subject:International politics
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The CPTPP system with Japan as the leading country came into effect on December 30 2018 marking that CPTPP has entered the stage of implementatio n.From TPP to CPTPP,the negotiations went through several twists and turns.After the withdrawal of the United States in early 2017,it was finally reache d against the trend without being favored.To a large extent,it relied on Japan's active promotion of the agreement.After the financial crisis in 2008,the int ernational economy went downward,and under the environment of trade protec tion policies implemented by various countries,Japan took frequent actions in t he field of FTA signing,and successively reached free trade negotiations such as CPTPP,Japan and Europe EPA,which acted as a guardian of free trade.W hy Japan insists on promoting the signing of CPTPP under the disadvantageous realistic environment,its motivation and strategy are beyond the conventional analysis and recognition.As one of the fastest developing countries in the worl d,China relies heavily on the international free trade system with the WTO sy stem as the core in its development process.China's economic security is close ly related to the changes of the international environment.No matter Japan,A SEAN,EU or the United States,there are large-scale trade relations with Chin a,which maintain the geographic balance through economic interaction.Relatio ns are also the mainstream trend of modern international political development.Therefore,how to deal with the relationship with major economies directly affe cts China's economic security and even national security.Based on the above considerations,this paper attempts to analyze the imp act of Japan's active promotion of CPTPP on the political and economic devel opment of the Asia-Pacific region,and explore the development context of Jap an's foreign policy.This paper is divided into four parts.The first part outlines the development process from TPP to CPTPP.From three aspects: the evoluti on of TPP,the withdrawal of the United States and the evolution of CPTPP,t his paper sorts out the process dominance of CPTPP in Japan,and draws a pr eliminary conclusion on the similarities,differences and utility of CPPP and C PTPP while clarifying the relationship between Japan and CPPP.T he second part,respectively from the motivation,positioning and measures to e xplore Japan's promotion of CPTPP discussed the process of Japan's promotion of CPTPP.The first section explores the motivation from two aspects of geopolitics a nd geoeconomy,the second section explores Japan's positioning of CPPP from J apan's FTA strategy and RCEP,and the third section discusses the measures to promote it from Abe Economics,Japan's domestic policy and the positive prom otion of the negotiation process.In the third part,this paper analyses the impact of CPTPP constructed by Japan on the important actors involved in the Asia-Pacific region in a regional way.The first section analyses its impact on China.Firstly,it analyses the imp act on bilateral trade from the perspective of international trade.Secondly,it o utlines the current regional geo-environment of China and discusses the impact of CPTPP on the current geo-environmental elements of China.Finally,it leads to the dominant role of China.The proposed RCEP agreement explores the d ominant competition between China and Japan over the rule system represented by the regional international trade order.The second section analyses the impa ct of Japan's CPTPP on Japan-US relations.First,it gives its economic impact from the perspective of international trade;secondly,it discusses its impact on the traditional Japan-US relations with the Japan-US alliance as the core;lastly,it analyses the different choices of Japan and the United States in CPTPP tre atment,and the differences of the background,style,environment of the two r uling regimes and the Japanese-US politics embodied.Policy preferences.The t hird section analyses its influence on ASEAN Community.First,it gives an an alysis of the traditional relationship between ASEAN and Japan,and explores t he basis of bilateral cooperation.Second,it explores the current development tr end and focus of ASEAN,the relationship and contradiction between ASEAN and Japan-led CPPP system.Finally,it looks at the future trend of ASEAN-Jap an relations and CPTPP,RCEP from the differences and attitudes within ASEA N.The development prospects of the two systems in the region.The fourth part,from the rule system dimension and the national strategy dimension respectively,carries on the response path analysis,elaborates the cou ntermeasure which China should adopt in the process of promoting CPTPP in Japan.
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