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The Research On Organazations Of APEC

Posted on:2013-12-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401451306Subject:International relations
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The regime and the mechanism incarnates the principle and the guidingideology embodied in the political organizations, reflecting the behavioral patternin a certant extent as well. And therefore,,to give a research into the internationalinstitutions can help master the working model more deeply,and understand theestablished set,functions and developing trend more furtherly.APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) has a history of as long astwenty years, and with the firming pace of the orgnazations building,itis acting a indelible role in the regional economic integration and itsmembers’economy development.This article focus its research point on theorganazations of APEC,and inspects the established set and agent of it throughdefining the basic concepts of “regional economic co-operation”and“Asia-Pacific”, ncluding the fundamental impact given by the fastly developingproducty, the drive effect made by the imbalance of the world economicdevelopment, the promoting role provided by the international politicalenvironment and the effect by the regional economic integration.This articleseparates the development of APEC into four periods: the preliminarydevelopment of1989-1991year, the institutionalisierung development of1992-1994year, the substantial regional economic co-operation furthering phaseof1995-1996year and the adjusting developing period so far from year1997,andthen induces main development fruits of each period.Then, it describes thedevelopment of APEC, giving a detailed introduction of the developing history,primary sector and function of decision-making organs, initial discussion andexecute organs and auxiliary ones. After analysising the organazations of theAPEC, several challenges consist of sub-regional economic integration,theasymmetric power of members, the obscure location of texture anddissatisfying effect of institution hindering thedevelopment of APEC have beenconcluded.At last,it gives some correspondin thoughts into the challenges,including strengthening the cooperation and interaction with Intra and OutsideArea international institutions, pushing related reforms of APEC investment andtrade liberalization, promoting the development of APEC economy andtechnology cooperation, improving legislation construction learning fromEU(European Union), mirroring the decision-making mechanism of security organization of cis treaty, expliciting the organazation location of APECPreferential Trade Arrangement, maintaining APEC main institutionalframework, combinging integration issues, simplifying organizations andstrengthening the administrative management function of Secretariat. Meanwhile,it is advised that China take part in APEC,through elaborating the significancefor China attending APEC and the countermeasures China should take in theAPEC development period.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asia-Pacific, international institutions, regional economic co-operation, APEC(Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation)
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