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An Analysis Of New Institutional Economics On The PLA's Reformation Of Combined Service Force System

Posted on:2003-10-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:K LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092480250Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Based on the practice of the PLA 's reformation of combined service force system, and with the related theories of the new institutional economics, the thesis throws light on the reformation and promotes the reformation practice to a theoretical level after a theoretical explanation. This article is attempting to establish a theoretical framework for the combined service force system's reformation in some aspects, so as to guide practice with theory and enrich theory with practice.Presumed that the reformation of combined service force system is an institutional change, the thesis paraphrases the theories for this change as follows:Part One is a theoretical survey Summarization.Firstly, the thesis, with the presumption of the new institutional economics on human behaviors and circumstance factors, illustrates that the new institutional economics abides by strict economic analytical methods, and broadens the vision and researching fields for economics.Secondly, the thesis expounds the theory of institution change of the new institutional economics from six aspects and shows that the theory is of great significance in military field and that it is feasible to resolve the practical problems in the reformation of combined service force system with the help of this theory., and this theory is of great importance.In Part Two, the thesis first defined the combined service force institution, and then analyzed the influence effects coming from the organizations of combined service force institutions, informal institutions and implement mechanisms on combined service force. After that, it is made clear that the reformation is the result of new demands on the rear-service structure produced by social economical, political and military change. Using the theory of institution supply and demand, the thesis analyzed the effect factor and illuminated the process of reformation of combined service force system. Thirdly, the thesis showed the functions that the combined service force institution should have. But every institution is not perfect, especially in the initial stages of our reformation. Therefore, in the end of the analysis, the thesis pointed out the practical problems.Based on the above analysis, Part three draws a conclusion that the reformation of38combined service force system is a course of institutional innovation and institutional change, and with reference to the practical problems, the thesis further puts forward its proposal on deep reformation.
Keywords/Search Tags:combined service force system, reformation, new institutional economics, analysis, institutional innovation and institutional change, logistic system
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