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Industrial Subdivision And The Use Of The Theory Of Competitive Advantage In The Automobile Industry

Posted on:2004-07-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The subject of competition from Michael Port has been attracting attention from institutions and business. The importance of competition idea has been fully realized, as well as the fierce competition in the market. It is found that, however, theory applying still stays in low level. While it is introduced into our country for only several years, it is not satisfied to instruct the practice. With the increasing development of Chinese economy, competition between different enterprises is much more fierce. All kinds of factors have changed faster than ever before. How to choose the target market-divided and obtain the advantages in the competition is an important question for every enterprise. Therefore, according to the framework of basic theories, market segmentation is emphasized in this paper. The thesis will take advantage of this model to analyze the competition in the car market of China, aiming at finding the questions and bringing up solutions.1.Basic disciplines and analytical approaches:The thesis is based on Michael Port's theories of competition, including competitive strategy and competitive advantage especially. The paper makes full use of the model of five-force and value-chain. The market segmentation matrix and competition profile matrix are used completely.It also draws heavily on research methods in West, along with finding problem-summarizing literatures -building a model-case choosing and studying. The paper applies theoretical deductions to the special market body, adhering to market practices.2.Theme, structure and main ideaTheme: The status of an enterprise in competition largely ondivided-market into which it enters and its special capabilities. An enterprise can find many markets by market segmentation. By comparing alternative strengths and weaknesses between them, the enterprise must make a choice correctly and gain advantages in the competition.As an important approach to achieving advantages, market segmentation is a useful tool. By coming into a new segment market firstly, the maker can gain competitive advantages. The paper takes it for the instant that car manufacturer can obtain competition advantages in competition by market segment.Chapter Ⅰ introduces the basic theories for the thesis and brings up the theme: achieving competitive advantages through market segment again.The thesis is base on Michael Port' competition theory. Firstly, five-forces model, three general competitive strategies and value chain are mentioned in the chapter. secondly, market segment is demonstrated. Its source and common process are introduced at the same time.Chapter Ⅱ brings up the market segment model and analyzes the automobile market segment. Main idea roots from Michael Port's theory of competitive advantages. Through choosing the creative and right segment change, we can get some new market-divided by using market segment matrix. After studying carefully on it, a new attractive market-divided can be found. So the first comer can gain relative advantages than the others. In this chapter, a reader can grasp the tools of market segment by following some examples. Firstly, the reader may get many different matrixes with different segment change. Secondly, those matrixes are being merged. Finally, the reader can get one or two market segment matrixes.In the way, everybody has a clear thinking with the industry. People evaluate the attraction of different market-divided and decide which can be chosen to coming into.Chapter Ⅲ analyzes and discusses the competition in Chinese one-hundred-thousand-yuan classic car market. This is a theory-applying procedure. The competition theory and market practices are combined tightly with each other. As far as the prospects of Chinese car market, the author brings up some lightering idea. The paper will be a useful reference for the car manufacturers.3.Innovation and SignificanceIt is indeed a big challenge to combine competition theory with Chinese car market practices. This thesis brings up achievi...
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