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The Present Condition Analysis And Counterplan Research Of Our Country's IT Property

Posted on:2003-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092497608Subject:Business management
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The article made an analysis to following aspects: the present condition of our country's IT property, and the influence made to it by joining WTO and ITA. The analysis also brought forth other problems: the exploring of a counterplan towards the Technology and the study of the strategy for further development.First, the articleintroduced the great progress IT made during the recent years, the unignorable contribution to the development of China's economy, by means of telling us the developing state of IT, the speeding pace of which though was slowing down, comparing to the high speed at the beginning, still remained the most important economic technology of the century.Then, after an overall analysis to the current condition of IT in China, it summed up some special point for developing of it: from hardware to software, reasonable consumption and information service were gaining advantage, the competing for price became a tactic, the networking became a feature. While the labor force, the market and the environment were taking advantage, the insufficient funds-, the low-leveled technology and the unfitful structure of product existed as disadvantages. Based on these and the information technology agreement we made when joining the WTO and ITA, the article analysed the profound influence to be made to the IT of China, and gave its opinion: advantages would be greater than disadvantages; opportunities are coexisting with challenges, and listed the advantages and disadvantages of joining the WTO, also the opportunities and challenges to be met by the IT in China.Finally, it came up with a focusę¢©he counterplan hold by the government and the enterprise to the IT(especially Computer): the government should seize the advantaged moment at present, make correct strategies of development, enforce macroscopic leading and controlling, consolidate government support, take a further step in settling and satisfying the strategies, ensure the important point of the development, give a government inclination, and make favorable terms in investment, credit, tax, technology importing, foreign capital utilization, etc; the enterprise should produce a better investment environment for human resource, learn and use the rule in a flexible way, adjust the structure of property, set an innovation system of enterprise technology, enforce the development of its information management, try to strengthen the international competing power of the enterprise.In the same time, by comparing and studying of the strategies of some other developed countries of IT to told us some current method for IT enterprise,...
Keywords/Search Tags:IT property, WTO-ITA, counterplan, Strategies of Development
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