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The Competency's Theory And It's Experimental Study

Posted on:2004-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092985351Subject:Basic Psychology
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In the time of market full of fierce competition , china needs much more than before those outstanding people and professional senior managers who are able to keep up with the world development trend. Therefore ,what criteria we should adopt to select enterprise senior managers and how to train them have attracted more and more attention from human resources experts and organizational behavior specialists.As the first part of this dissertation, the researcher summarized theories on competency and its models, discussed the origin ,definition ,research methodology and structure of competency ,and then gave a retrospect of the research findings and latest research focuses pertaining to competency both home and abroad.As the second part of this dissertation , the researcher selected senior managers as subjects from enterprises or companies in the state-owned industries in Nanjing. Interviews and questionnaires have been used to explore the required competencies for the senior enterprises managers with culture background unique to the state-owned enterprises . Then both quantitative and qualitative methods have been applied to analyze the related materials. The following are our research findings:(l)The preliminary model on competency for senior state-owned enterprise managers in Nanjing has been established, including: Ability for organization decision-making, Conscientiousness, strategy control, insight ability, problem solving ability, ability for communication and negotiation ,influence ability on special field, power desire and balanced psychology. (2)The model on competency for senior managers can be divided into two parts, the first part involves factors like Conscientiousness, ability for communication and negotiation, power desire and balanced psychology; the second part is composed of factors as gradually accumulated knowledge on enterprise operation, and work related abilities like ability for organization decision-making, strategy control, insight ability, problem solving ability, ability for communication and negotiation .influence ability on special field.(3)Enterprise should be after training for talented people with potential competency to adapt to the changing enviorment.
Keywords/Search Tags:competency, competency models, structure of competency, enterprise senior manager
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