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Study On Land Use/Land Cover Change And Its Human Driving Forces In Regional Scale-a Case Study Of Zhangzhou

Posted on:2006-03-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155962186Subject:Land Resource Management
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Land use and land cover change has great influence on the environment evolution and suitable development of economy, which is an important part of global change and a main reason for global climate change. The research about Land use and land cover change in regional scale is an important part of global LUCC research. The study on driving forces of land use and land cover can greatly help us to understand the essential of land use change, and based on it ,we can predict the developing trend of land use change.Located in southern subtropical zone, Zhangzhou enjoys a humid monsoon climate, which is a peculiar city compared to other ones. Its multiform terrains reinforce the inner regional diversity of land use. In addition, combined with some other factors, such as rapid economic development and intensive human influence, Zhangzhou is provided with very special conflict between economic development and land use. Therefore, Zhangzhou is taken as this study's research area.On the basis of drawing the domestic and international achievement in research of Land Use Change and human driving forces extensively, combined with statistical analysis, taking the information of exhaustive land use survey and relevant data as ground , taking sustainable land resource use theory and systematic dynamics theory as guide, using the correlative statistic software and mathematic analytical methods, this paper analyzes the dynamic change of land use and its human driving forces in Zhangzhou qualitatively and quantitatively. On the foundation of further investigation of LUC and human driving forces in Zhangzhou, we can draw the following conclusions:(1) Great changes in land use had taken place among 1990-2003. Cultivated land, wasteland and grassland decreased while garden plot, inhabitation/construction land, traffic land, woodland and water area increased at a high speed. Among the change, inhabitation/construction land increased at best, while wasteland decreased at best.(2) The annual change rate of regional land use is 0.811 percent. Cultivated...
Keywords/Search Tags:Land use change, Driving factors, Zhangzhou, Sustainable develonment LUCC
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