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The Analyses Of Land Use Change And Driving Factors In Jiuyuan

Posted on:2003-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360062480668Subject:Physical geography
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The analyses of land use change and driving factors in JiuyuanWu YongfengAbstract: Land use and land cover change (LUCC) not only plays an important role in global environmental change and sustainable development, but also has become the frontier and the focus of researches on global change. In the world, by promoting abundant scientific researches, we have made a great progress in its theoretical methods and technologies, such as LUCC information processing and information acquiring, study on LUCC driving system, etc.Owing to having long history of land development and various types of land cover, the change of China's LUCC is an important component part of global environmental changes. Therefore, it will be of crucial important to make the deeper researches on China's LUCC.There are complicated geomorphology shapes and various types of land-use in Jiuyuan, Baotou, which lies in the urban and rural transition zone of borderline discipline of Baotou city. It is unreasonable land-use structure, extensive land management and urban sprawl's encroaching and so on over a long period of time that cause decrease of cultivated land, retrogression of land's quality and reduction of the creatures' productive potentiality. Worst of all is that all of these have formed a vicious circle of land development-destruction-redevelopment.By means of mathematics statistics and GIS. taking Jiuyuan, Baotou as the sample region, the administrative unit, county and town, as the statistic objects, the paper analyzes the driving factors of change of land-use from the time and space dynamic change of use of land resources. Then, the paper establishes a forecast modal of change of Jiuyuan's land-use, which can provide the regional land organization with the decision basis of planning and management of land-use and sustainable use of regional land resources.This paper can be divided into ten parts:Part one: Preface. This part indicates the importance of promoting the researches on Land Use and Land Cover Change.Part two: The general situation of nature and social economy of Jiuyuan. Taking Jiuyuan as a sample region, this part gives a brief account of natural condition and situation of social economy.Part three: Application of GIS in researches on change of Jiuyuan's land-use. This part mainly introduces the process of establishing GIS.Part four: Analysis of structure of Jiuyuan's land-use. This part analyzes present structure of land-use and space layout of Jiuyuan.Part five: Study on separating regions of Jiuyuan's land-use. By means of mathematics, this part divides type of land-use into five branches and includes the traits and the problems of Jiuyuan's land-use.Part six: Study on dynamic change of Jiuyuan's land-use.Part seven: Analysis of the driving factors of change of Jiuyuan's land-use. This part mainly analyzes human driving forces. Basing on the driving forces, this part puts forward a new kind of modal to explain the counter driving force.Part eight: Forecast of changeable tendency of land-use.Part nine: Solution and counter measure for sustainable use of Jiuyuan's land.Part ten: Conclusion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiuyuan suburb, separating regions of land-use, Dynamic change of land-use, driving factors, GIS
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