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Land Use Changes And Driving Forces Analyses Of Urban-rural District In Tong Chuan City

Posted on:2004-05-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360092991601Subject:Physical geography
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Land use and land cover change (LUCC) play an important role in global environmental change and sustainable development. Now, with the quick development of economy and growth of population, the large-scale and speedy urbanization is under way in China. Land use change in the alternate region of urban and rural is fastest and most remarkable. At the same time, it results in many ecological and environmental problems. Thus, the research on land use change and driving force in the alternate region of urban and rural is imperative.The paper is based on the project of Education Ministry that is dynamic analysis of water and land resource and research on ecological safety in loessial plateau. By means of remote sense, geographical information system and land use models, the land use change and driving force in urban-rural district of Tong Chuan city are studied. After analyzing the quantitative change, the temporal change and the spatial change of land use type, the land use change characters are achieved. Taking advantage of stepwise regression model and a layer upon layer intensive research, the driving force and their influencing degree of land use change are studied.The paper consists of five parts. First, the paper summarizes research background, basic theories and research technique of the land use change and driving force; according to some principles, the research region is defined. Second, the general situation of nature and socioeconomic development in urban-rural district of Tong chuan city is introduced, which affects land use structure. Third, the paper points out the research technical line, and based on the analysis on the present land use, the paper discusses the quantitative change of land resources, the change of land use structure, the change of land using degree, the area differentiation of land use change and the change of land use type gravity. Four, by global analyzing and hierarchy comparative analyzing, the paper tries to research the driving forces of land use change in urban-rural district in Tong Chuan city. Lastly, the land sustainable use measures in urban-rural district of Tong chuan city are achieved, which supply the decision-making support for land use plan in Tong Chuan city.The study results show: from 1983 to 2001, the main land use types whose area decreases are cultivated land and grassland. Accordingly, the main land use types whosearea increases are garden land and forestland. Residential and built-up land area moderate increase; water land and non-arable land area changes a little. From the aspect of the dividing functional district level, central district's land use change degree is greatest, and near suburb district's is greater than far suburb district's. The change of land use type gravity show that the movement of built-up land gravity, forestland gravity, and grassland gravity is opposite to that of cultivated land gravity and grassland gravity. The change of land use in urban-rural district of Tong chuan city is mainly caused by the growth of population, the change of mineral resources, the urban-rural eroded environment, returning cultivated land to forest land policy, traffic development and so on. Regional factors stepwise regression analysis indicates that the prime factors affecting central district are the development of the third industry and growth of non-agricultural population, and those affecting near suburb district are growth of non-agricultural population and increase of net income per person, while those affecting far suburb district are increase of net income per person and grain yield per mu. Both stepwise regression analysis and the quantitative analysis of the man-made influence degree show that the spatial change rule of driving forces influence degree exists in the three districts. In a conclusion, the land sustainable use in urban-rural district of Tong chuan city cannot be realized unless both the ecological benefit and the economic benefit are gained.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban-rural district of Tong Chuan city, geographical, information system land use change, driving force
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