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Study On Land Use Change And Economic Driving Forces In Nanchang City

Posted on:2006-07-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J H TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155456498Subject:Physical geography
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With the rapid advance of urbanization and the rapid development of social economy, the carrier as these things—The rapid change has also taken place in the land. This not only displays the fast expansion on the scale of development of resources of land, but also embodies in the fast change that the land utilized structure. The article regards Nanchang as the research object, through the data of the land use between 1991 and 2002, using the index model and landscape model of land use change and analyzes the development trend of land use change in the past 11 years. And the article appraises the rational and unreasonable use way in the present land use through the current situation of land use dynamic change.At the same time, the article analyzes the drive mechanism of the land use in theory under the leading factor of regional economic development, and research on urbanization, industrial structure gradual progress and three respects of agricultural structural adjustment with some relevant statistical data of economic development in Nanchang and select some main economy driving forces with regression analysis approach and main composition analysis approach, predict future variation tendency land use with GM (1,1 ) and regression model.(1) The land use pattern forms and takes cultivated land, water areas and forest land as the core at present in Nanchang. It is obvious in county district difference on Land use structure, and land use degree is higher than national average level.(2) In recent 11 years, the quantity of building land, woodland, garden plot and water area in Nanchang City has been gradually rising, and the quantity of cultivated land and desert decreased sharply. From the shifting of land use, we can see that cultivated land mainly changed into water area, village, traffic land and urban land and that water area changed into forest, garden plot, resident spot, industrial and mine land. But the shifting tendency of garden plot, forest, grassland, resident spot, industrial and mine land was not obvious.(3) Studying on economic development, urbanization, evolution of industry structure, by terms of the relevant statistical information about and with gradual...
Keywords/Search Tags:Land use change, Driving mechanism, GM (1,1), Nanchang City
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