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Study On Driving Forces Of Cultivated Land Use Change In Mountainous Counties

Posted on:2006-09-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166360155462250Subject:Physical geography
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Study on the driving forces of cultivated land has become the front and hot point task since the plan named "Land Use and Coverage Change" (or LUCC) was developed by IGBP and HDP. As the province with the least cultivated land per head, Fujian is now faced by the problem that holding rare cultivated land resource but inefficiently using it at the same time. The same problem has recently appeared in the mountainous counties, where the whole province's grain supply is ensured. This paper takes the case of Youxi County, which lies in the mountainous region of Fujian, analyzing the features of the cultivated land resource, searching for the driving forces of the cultivated land use change, and finally offering some suggestions on sustainable use of cultivated land and grain security of the whole province.Abounding of mountains, holding different environment in different areas are the basic two features of Youxi County, which build up the features of cultivated land resource. Economy and society driving forces are more important and complicated, comparing the natural driving forces. As far as population and economy development are concerned, they affect cultivated land use not only on quantity but also on quality and structure. The inconvenient traffic net has badly limited the use of cultivated land; the chance of good using cultivated land will be brought by the solution to this problem. System and policy are another two important driving forces of cultivated land use change in Youxi County. The results show that the household contract responsibility system and protective land policy has done a double good to cultivated land. But the existing problems such as unclear property relations, too frequent re-adjust, undeveloped market of land turnover, low confidence for state policy etc.can not be ignored.When it comes to the suggestions on sustainable use the cultivated land of Youxi County, the paper presents its view that feature agriculture is the suitable way to go. At the same time, great attention must be paid to these items: to intensive use the cultivated land; to increase overall production capability of the cultivated land; to limit the quantity and increase the quality of population; to strength the infrastructure construction; to transform the government functions.The main innovation is as follows: theories and methods from subjects except for land use is used for reference; more attention is paid to the system and policy driving forces; the structure, customs and space shifts are also analyzed as for population driving force; the last but not the least, lots of information is got directly by investigation.
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