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Study On The Mechanisin Of Land Use Change And Its Optimization In Urban-rural Ecotoae

Posted on:2005-07-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Suburb was the transition zone between cities and countryside. With the development of economy and urbanization, a new special interspace generated in this zone, which was the urban-rural ecotone. It's the nodus and the focal point in land use. The land use conflict between urban construction and agricultural cultivation occurred in this zone. The concept, scope, occurrence, development, dynamic mechanism and the influencing factors of urban-rural ecotone were discussed in this paper. To guide the land use development in the urban-rural ecotone, the principles and methods for optimal allocation of land resource were researched and the limited land resource was allocated in this study.Houma city was a developing city in Shanxi province, and it's a city with good exploiture prospect. Based on the former research theory, the connotation of urban-rural ecotone was discussed by a case study in Houma. The spatial distribution character, the scope definition and the land use character in the urban-rural ecotone were specially researched. Problems in land use were pointed out and optimum design of land use structure in urban-rural ecotone was given. Rectifying measures were also brought out in this paper to excavate the land use potential in urban-rural ecotone.
Keywords/Search Tags:urban-rural ecotone, land resource, land use, Houma city
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