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Study On The Problem Of Agricultural Structure Adjustment In Changji City

Posted on:2004-02-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:T ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092998322Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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This dissertation is about the problem of agricultural structure adjustment in Changji city. Under such situation, how to accelerate agricultural structure adjustment, promote transform of growth patterns remains significance.First, the dissertation analyses historic evolve of agricultural structure; second, based on former analyzation, it studies thoroughly relations between structure changes and patterns of economic growth, defects of agricultural structure and contributing factors; finally, it discusses principles, the trains of thought of agricultural structure adjustment and offers relative policies and suggestions.The evolve of agricultural structure in Changji shows characters of stage. The first stage (1978~1992) concretized as emphasizing agriculture and omitting stock raising; the second stage was " full-scale development"(1993-2001) which all the agriculture, stock raising and fishery achieved rapid development accompanied by gradual establishment of market economy.Agricultural structure adjustment brings agriculture growth of Changji. As important unentity factors of agricultural economy maneuvers, agricultural structure and it's changes keep close touch with economic growth, influence the transform of agricultural economic growth and growth patterns from different aspects. Viewing from long development process, structure transform contributes 20.3 percent to agriculture growth, but the growth patterns of agricultural production in Changji generally belongs to untensive patterns which exist apparent defects such as low levels of agriculture economy, unrationality of industry structure, low industry levels and efficient resource utilization. Thus resource superiority and economy superiority has not been fully brought into play, agricultural structure adjustment need to be stepped further.Hence, adjusting agricultural industry structure, developing vigorously high efficient plant products industry and livestock industry, pushing on the construction of fodder base, improving the market competitive capacity of agricultural production should be conformed to the principles of market orientation, industrialization, technology promotion.
Keywords/Search Tags:structure adjustment, agricultural growth, growth patterns, structure defects
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