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The Study Of Rural Industrial Structure Adjustment In The West Area

Posted on:2005-01-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W C GengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125962228Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The adjustment of rural industrial structure in the west area is the main measure to resolve the problem that existing of agricultural and rural economy in the new phase, and it has the important sense to the further development of the agricultural and rural economy in the area. In this paper, on the base of analysis about present situation of rural industrial structure on the west area, through macroscopic angle to study adjustment of agriculture and non-agriculture industrial structure in the area profoundly, and points out the problems that the different provinces' rural industrial structure exist in the west area at the moment, and the further development of agricultural industrialization management and agricultural produce process is the strategic choice that the rural industrial structure was regulated optimization in the west area. The paper consists of five chapters. The main content is as follows. Ⅰ Introduction In this part, the research background and purpose have been introduced firstly. Then, the domestic and overseas research development of rural industrial structure in the west area have been summarized and appraised. Lastly, the research idea, methods and innovative points of the paper have been explained.Ⅱ The concept and relative theory of rural industrial structure alterationIn this part, firstly the relative concepts about adjustment of rural industrial structure have been discussed. Secondly, the evaluative standard of rationalization and the effective factors of industrial structure alteration have been generalized and analyzed. Thirdly, the common laws and trends of rural industrial structure are analyzed and summarized, that is, the agricultural share drops down; the rural industrial structure becomes non-agriculture; the rural product is specialization; the agriculture and industry, commerce are integrative.Ⅲ The mathematical economic analysis about the growth of rural economy is affected by industrial structure alterationIn this part, through macroscopic angle discussed the effect to the economic growth in rural area that the industrial structure alters further, that is the mathematical relationship of main economic variables will be explained profoundly by means of quality description and quantitative analysis of action mechanism about every main economic variables. Ⅳ Substantial evidence analysis of the rural industrial structure in the west areaIn this part, firstly, the relative indexes about substantial evidence analysis are explained, that is area value of output and labor force's composition, comparative industrial scale index, similar coefficient of industrial structure, comparative labor productivity, and these indexes have been explained and analyzed in detail. Secondly, on the base of agriculture industrial structure of narrow sense, general agriculture structure and non-agriculture industrial structure in west rural area being analyzed and evaluated unite correlative indexes through macroscopic angle to analyze alteration of agriculture and non-agriculture industrial structure of west rural area in detail. By means of comparative analysis of west area level with the nationwide average level and the west different provinces with mean level of that area inside, and finds out problems and shortcoming that existing probably, moreover have been underway elaborated and analyzed in detail.Ⅴ Adjustment of the rural industrial structure in the west areaFirst of all, we analyze and evaluate the adjustable principle of rural industrial structure in the west area. Secondly, explaining the thought of adjustment of rural industrial structure, and elaborate the things that we should pay attention to during the adjustment of industrial structure. Thirdly, relevant proposals about adjustment of rural industrial structure in the west area are given from the macroscopic angle, that is on the base of improving ecological environment and developing ecological agriculture, we implement agriculture industrial strategy, by means of strengthening the building of marketp...
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