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The Development Stratage Research Of Heilongjiang China-Russia Cooperation In Science And Technology And The Industrialization Center

Posted on:2004-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360095957126Subject:Business Administration
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HCR(HCR shorts for Heilongjiang China-Russia Cooperation in Science and Technology and the Industrialization Center as following ) is a national enterprise organization cooperating with Russia in science and technology. This paper is mainly concerned of the research of the HCR' s development stratagem, which is based on the detail analysis of its outside and inside situation. The inside include the HCR's background, resource, organization structure, the cooperation culture and so on; The outside include the international politics situation, government relationship between China and Russia, the concerned policy and law, the two countries' economic and science technology situation, Russia' s arts and social culture, the industry situation between the two countries and the competing situation etc. It analyzed the advantage and disadvantage of HRC, the facing chances and threats, and made the scheme of HCR's development stratagem. The paper also made the researches of the mode of China-Russia Science-Technology Cooperation in order to strengthen our advantage, reduce our disadvantage, use the chances and overcome threats. At the same time, it also made the researches of the scheme' s realization and control.According to the widely investigation and research, the stratagem management theory, technology innovation theory and the other business administration theories, the paper systematically proposed the detail development stratagem mode of China-Russia science-technology cooperative organization at the first time. The mode has the reference significance to HCR and the other China-Russia cooperative organization. The paper also proposed the opinion that the several recent HCR bases in our country should have the senses of competition and cooperation, form the union, ally each other, and come into one collection. The opinion also includes that we should introduce into large project firstly.It will largely promote the cooperation each other in science and technology field.At present, the two countries are keeping with good relationship, the same as the cooperation in science and technology field. But it is just beginning to the organization such as HCR and the otherChina-Russia cooperative organizations, no much systematical stratagem researches, or only simulate the "incubation" running mode of some internal hi-tech cooperation, or try to run some trial model. This paper made some development stratagem researches, providing it to the corresponding department and leader. We hope it can be a theoretic and practical reference to the good development of China-Russia science-technology cooperative organization, and do some real work to the cooperation' s development between China and its foreign countries at the same time.
Keywords/Search Tags:Science-Technology Cooperation, Industrialization, Development Stratagem
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