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Impact Of WTO Accession On China's Agriculture And Policy Implication

Posted on:2005-09-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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China is a big country in terms of international trade of agricultural products. Upon China's entry to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China's agriculture faces a new international environment, which will have a profound impact nn China's agricultural production and trade. This paper analyzes thoroughly the fundamental rules pertaining to agricultural trade and discusses the measures adopted by main member countries to respond to the entry to the WTO. It investigates the long-term and short-term impacts, positive and negative impacts, advantages and disadvantages of WTO accession. Based on these analysis, China's countermeasures are discussed regarding agricultural development. It is argued that one of the major countermeasures for China's agricultural development upon its accession to WTO is adjustment of agricultural structure. It is followed by analysis of 1) comparative advantages in agricultural development; 2) adjustment of structure of agricultural trade protection; 3) strengthening of agricultural research and extension; 4) revision of agricultural laws to make it compatible with WTO rules. This paper takes Wuqing's agriculture as an example and investigates the status quo of Wuqing's agriculture, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of Wuqing's agriculture, and recommends some countermeasures. It also discusses the strategic adjustment of county level agricultural economy upon WTO accession. It is expected to be to instrumental for county level agricultural development upon China's entry to the WTO.
Keywords/Search Tags:WTO, policy implication for China's agriculture, adjustment of agricultural structure, county-level agricultural development
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