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Study On Legal Issues Of Government Credit

Posted on:2005-03-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122495482Subject:Economic Law
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This thesis "Study on Legal Issues of Government Credit" was divided into the preface, the main bodies with 4 chapters and the conclusion. This thesis includes 50,000 words.The meaning of theories and practice for studying on the issues was mainly released in thesis's preface. The government credit is the foundation of the whole social credit system. Push forward social developments in trustworthiness, the initial mission is a deep turning perfect government credit developments, the builds the government credit system. The discussion of the government reputation is a hot point in the domestic currently, but still not enough thorough. For the reason, this thesis has the fulfillment meaning and the theories meaning.In thesis chapter 1, author mainly states the characteristic for primarily expatiating government credit, concrete performance. Author analyzes the present condition of our country's government credit and its reasons in order to put forward the point of the necessary of perfecting our government credit system .It will deep the fulfillment meaning and theories meaning of the paper of master degree.In thesis chapter 2, author analyzes the trustworthiness principle not only acts in the private law, but also in the public law. Personal credit and business enterprise credit are adjusted by civil law and commercial law. Economic law and administrative law are opposite to civil law and commercial law. The relation of economic law and administrative law is entity (economic law) and procedure (administrative law) .In the realm that government control economic activities, economic law and administrative law differ with entity law (give the administration power) and administration law( set up the procedure of the administration behavior) to realize the target of the government controlling economy life. In the section, author tries to study the adjustment of government credit from the point of view of economic law and administrative law.In thesis chapter 3, author points out that in order to build the government credit system of our country, we should perfect a series of law systems. Therefore studying to the institutional analysis in government credit, should have a foothold in each item concrete institutional research quest. This chapter selects some systems that are the most representational and the most disputed, and compare them to the abroad legislative practices, and discuss how to standardize government action to perfect these systems to maintain the government credit of our country.In thesis chapter 4, author argues that the outlet of intensifying our government credit is dependent on rule of law mainly, assisting with virtuous cure. Author design the administrative supervising law mechanism and government responsibility law system to provide the institutional guarantee and legal remedy in order to realize the government credit of our country.In the thesis's conclusion, author puts forward own scholarship views: the government behavior involves wide, we should perfect various systems, and make use of every kind of law means, including the administrative law and the economic law,and perfect a series of legislations, making government behavior restricted by law .We will improve the government credit and build a government that can keep its word if There is the norm of the law and the institutional guarantee.
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