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Government Behavior On Chinese Civilian-run Economic Development

Posted on:2005-10-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Civilian-run economy has been an important strength to sustain Chinese high-speed economic growth since reform and open-door. The prominent actions of civilian-run economy embody mainly in the following aspects: creating more social fortune; adding national revenue; flourishing market economy; impelling economic growth; booting up Chinese world competitive force, etc. In different historical stage of civilian-run economic development, government function is different. At the initial stages, it is necessary that government intervene in and push forward it. Further more, government exert an important influence on civilian-run economy. But along with the development and strength of civilian-run economy, some government behaviors are obviously lagging behind the requirement for civilian-run economic development, even which is restricted by them. Then to reform and perfect the government behavior and to adapt to developing civilian-run economy is essential. So, civilian-run economy is developed by summing-up the governmental behavior of civilian-run economic development, studying and analyzing existent problem, bringing forward material and exercisable advices that has academic and practice significance.Primary need for the definition of civilian-run economy is "no-government" or "no-official-run" civilian economy, it includes collective economy, individual economy, private-owned economy, pool economy and no-state-owned economy, there into individual and private economy are important parts of it. Next, that is to nail down the important statue of civilian-run economy among national economy and to increase steadily the action of it.Civilian-run economy has been developed on the background of profound polity, economy, history, culture. Among them, governmental beforehand concept, consciousness and suitable behavior are accelerating strength. Chinese civilian-run economy has gone through seedtime, speed-growth stage and "gold age" since reform and open-door. In different stage government enhances consciousness and academic breakthrough have been embodied, at the same time, government encourages,sustains and induct civilian-run economy through innovating government behavior. Firstly, in starting and developing stage (1979-1992) individual economy was resumed and developed, and private economy had been started and engendered. Here, government explored its way carefully to push forward them in order to developing national economy. Secondly, in mushroom stage (1992-1997) government accelerated energetically individual,private and pool economy through enhancing consciousness and academic breakthrough. Thirdly, in gold age (1997-prent) party and government definite explicitly the status and operation of civilian-run economy on high-level, enlarged developing space of civilian-run economy, come on some inspire concrete law,formulations and measures one after another to boost civilian-run economy.It is prerequisite to push social career forward that establishes scientific productivity relation which suit to develop productivity force from the practice of socialistic revolution and building. Now, government behavior going against developing civilian-run economy must be found and the existent problems must be researched and analyzed by government in order to engender it, even to promote national economy. At present, no-standardization of government behavior to Chinese civilian-run economic development is, on the one hand, due to governmental overdue administrative intervention, namely, to send down target aim, to intervene product and management, to examine, to compare and commend, to organize different movement, etc. and, on the other hand, due to the dimness of government function and the chaos in governmental policy when managing civilian-run economy, namely, the policies drafted by multi-department , the overlapping of function and unclear right and duty between government department have resulted in low work efficiency, at the same time, lagging administrate system ways and there is a bottleneck...
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