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The Reform Scheme Design Of HRM For Xiangjiang Company

Posted on:2004-10-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122960173Subject:Business Administration
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Being a branch of management theory, the HR management has been showing her great function since it was combined with the Chinese enterprises. It has pushed forward the managerial development of the Chinese enterprises to be more systematic, standard, scientific and modern. This scheme is just designed according to the fact of the HR management of Xiangjiang Company under such condition. By controlling the achievement of the employees' requirement, it can reach the aim of raising the employees' work activity, leading their behaviors in production and then increasing the competitive power of the enterprise.This scheme includes such parts as the employees' training design, occupation-developing design, rewarding design, welfare design and risk precaution design. Furthermore, it discussed the dismissing of the redundant and the reforming of the organization construction for this enterprise. In the parts of the employees' training design and occupation developing design, the author reformed the situation of old system, that is, using but no training and managing but no exploiting, and then established a more satisfactory and scientific training system. In the parts of rewarding design and welfare design, the author changed the old salary system of Xiangjiang Company greatly. It established a. new reasonable salary system including individual rewarding system, group rewarding system, organization rewarding system, manager rewarding system and employees' welfare system. The new scheme deducted the percent of the fixed salary in the whole and increased the unsteady part, namely welfare and bonus. It broke the old situation of no different in salary no matter how much one contributed, so that impels the employee to work hard. In the part of HR risk precaution design, it took precaution against the HR risk and remained the talent by the establishing of defer salary payment and the precaution system of employee recruitment risk, performance evaluation risk, salary management risk and employee management risk. Moreover, on the basis of remaining the position salary and post salary of the old system, the new scheme increased the percent of rewarding salary. It takes into consideration not only the old staff s feeling but also the new staff s impression, so that it plays an important role in reducing the obstruction of reform. In a word, the new scheme has innovative meanings.This new scheme combined incentive theory and the actual conditions of Xiangjiang Company together. We believe that the view, train of though and method can inspire and help the reform of the executive bureau and other subordinate company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Xiangjiang Company, training and occupation-developing design, salary design, risk precaution design, HR leasing
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