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The Current Situation, Issues, And Solution Of China's Government Website's Construction

Posted on:2003-10-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122965575Subject:Administrative Management
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Government websites have been established under the guide of modern theory of government administration and its practice. The government website is a government network platform built by the government body employing modern information and telecom technology, through such a platform, the government administration and service are completed by net work technology, and with the help of WWW, the government structure and its working process are reorganized and improved, free from the confinements of time, space and department separations, thus make the government body can offer the best, normal, transparent administration and service which are also conformed to the international standard to the society totally. Some foreign countries, esp. the government websites of USA, had been established much earlier, with high standard and perfect function. Currently, all the Federal government body has gotten on the line, and almost all the state government and municipal government have established their own websites. We can learn a lot from their government websites construction. Although the construction of our domestic government website has not started earlier and remains a low level, it's developing rapidly. In January 1991, the China telecom, the economic information center of national economic and the trade commission, together with over 40 departments, which are in charge of information affiliated to various ministers, commissions, offices, bureaus, initiated the program of "Government-on-line Project" which was declared. The commencement of this project meets the demand of the modernization of government administration, deepeningthe reform, the information age, and the challenge of the accession to WTO.Electronic administration is the revolution of the methods of government administration as well as the vital goal of the construction of government website. The level of the construction of electronic administration, will directly reflect and affect the government's future competitiveness and the quality of its administration and service. It's of meet importance of strengthening domestic electronic administration construction. To develop domestic electronic administration, firstly, we should realize its importance; secondly, we should set up a development strategy.Domestic government website is developing rapidly these years, however at the same time, there are quite a few problems which will probably handicap its further development. Follows are the main problems. Firstly, there are some incorrect concepts in this field. Secondly, the security of government website should be given more attention. Thirdly, the traditional notions will straiten the operation of government website. Lastly, there are quite a few abnormal phenomena. The solutions to these problems are as follows. 1. We should strengthen the security construction of the networks. 2. We should set up a clear aim of government website construction. 3. We should change our traditional mode of thinking about this topic. 4. We should establish a series of comprehensive systems to issue information and make the administration more transparent and efficient. 5.We should update the information on the website, and make it a live website, then we will redevelop it at a proper time with the development of network technology.On the basis of the analysis of above issues, the functions of the Information Center of Suzhou municipal government have beenresearched in the appendix. The Suzhou municipal government website, "Suzhou China" and the intranet of Suzhou municipal government are established and maintained by the Information Center of Suzhou municipal government, whose function is to offer information and network service for Suzhou government. However, we must relocate and further extend its new functions, as it cannot fully adapt to the demand of the new situation with the acceleration of the information process.
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