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Research Of The Design And Management Of Corporation's Marketing Channel

Posted on:2005-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360122997727Subject:Business management
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Recently, the corporation's marketing channel has arisen the attention of the people and the corporation because of the intense global competition. All the changes make the global corporation and organization find out that the corporation's marketing channel is becoming more and more important. The design and the management of the corporation's marketing channel have become the key strategic weapon.The content of the discourse includes four parts. The first part is the study of the design of the corporation's marketing channel. How people design the channel mode. We should consider some factors and variables in designing the channel. All these provide some consults for the corporation in establishing and updating the mode of the channel. The second part is evaluating the member of the channel of distribution. A mode has been established to evaluate some factors that are difficult to be described accurately. The third part explains the management of the corporation's marketing channel. It includes the motivating channel member, the management of the conflict between the channel members, the management of the price, the management of the productive, the management of the promotion and the management of the logistics. Finally, an example of the solar water heater is used to interpret the standpoint of the article.Many corporations need resolve the problem of the marketing channel. If it can't be effectively resolved, the corporation will lose its market. The discourse is very significant to study the problem of the corporation's marketing channel.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Marketing Channel, The Management of Marketing Channel, Performance Evaluation
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