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Research About Regional Industerial Clusters Competition

Posted on:2005-02-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S K LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122994273Subject:Regional Economics
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From spatial angel explores the rules of economy activity, comprises a particular content about regional economy research. The theory of regional economy in the main passes through this course which is from agricultural location theory, industrial location theory, central place theory, increasing climax development theory, center-periphery theory, regional production synthesis theory to industrial clusters theory. The theory of industrial clusters absorbs positive factor about formerly regional development theory, emphasizes it important to conglomerate economy and zone division, avoids cutting down the connection of a variety of resource in a zone, hopes to promote in the zone all sorts of resource element, and seeks after the road which cuts out for regional character, and bulges an important significance about technology progress and technology innovation. Consequently, it is an extraordinary significance to how founds industrial clusters, how about amplifies industrial clusters competition.This thesis is in terms of the value of industrial clusters to region economy development, it is selected to become the object of research, emphasizes to grope its competition question. (l)Looks comprehensive back the research of regional industrial clusters competition around the globe, and expounds the definition of competition from varying angle,deems industrial clusters competition is a locomotive network, have integrated, related, locomotive and orderly characters. (2)Through assaying the concept of industrial clusters, so then expounds it has seven competitive advantages that are flexible specialization, production cost, industrial organization, product differentiation, regional marketing, regional power of innovation, technology improvement. (3)Introduces some study model as to competition of industrial clusters. As much as possible absorb their merit, avoid their defect, at last expounds own innovation model. (4)In accordance with traditional industrial clusters, high-tech industrial clusters and domestic industrial clusters, the passage chooses apart an prototypical example, demonstrates important impact of industrial clusters to impulse the development of regional economy. (5)Expounds what principle we must go by in order to amplify industrial clusters competition, suggests required solution from three aspect, for instance corporation, industrial clusters, government.This thesis has some innovation, on basis of referring to other studies, expounds a kind of good research model, on the grounds of referring a lot of relevant documents, exerts positive assay method, chooses typical example, from the angle of industrial clusters researches and probes regional competition in the depth.From the angle of industrial clusters researches regional competition, we require not only distinguish which regional industrial clusters, but alsoanalyze the source of competition. And so, there are two interrelated problem about "what" and "why", in order to understand them, this passage exerts normative analysis and positive analysis, principally positive analysis. At the same time, passage still regards the thing on basis of contrary viewpoint, and takes for the competition of industrial clusters is united and universal, on the other hand, it is also idiosyncratic.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional economy, industrial clusters, competition, innovation, new diamond model
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